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Established submarine sandwich chain Jersey Mike's Subs maintains fully franchised operations throughout much of the contiguous United States. A network of roughly 750 locations operates under the brand-name banner and provides thousands of opportunities for job seekers to find gainful employment. Motivated individuals able to interface with customers and remain on-task while promoting fun and diversity in the workplace should contact a local restaurant now. Available fast food jobs encompass both part-time and full-time positions.

Facts About Working at Jersey Mike's Subs

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Jersey Mike's Subs?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Cashier, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Sandwich Chef, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Jersey Mike’s Subs Job Opportunities

Jersey Mike’s entry-level jobs feature fairly typical fast food responsibilities. Workers assemble food orders, operate cash registers, and provide menu suggestions. Other important aspects of available positions include executing assigned tasks quickly while engaging customers in a friendly manner. Job seekers need no formal education or experience for employment consideration, although management positions may impose some but minimal hiring requirements. The minimum hiring age rests at 16.

A typical entry-level Jersey Mike’s Subs employee works part-time and receives base pay competitive with industry standards. Managers may work both part-time and full-time. Part-time managerial positions often feature hourly wages, whereas full-time managers earn annual salary packages. Eligible employees also stand eligible for work benefits packages in addition to the introductory job benefits of flexible scheduling and paid training. Workers may experience increases in hourly pay and yearly salary rates over time with experience gained.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Employment and Pay Scales

Available entry-level job opportunities serve as excellent ways for young and inexperienced individuals to find work in the fast food industry. Applicants need only meet the minimum age requirements to gain employment. Workers may assume varied shifts upon hire but gain access to more set schedules with proven performance. Job hopefuls may fill out applications for the following positions:

Team Member

  • A common job title available in the fast food industry, team member encompasses a wide range of responsibilities at Jersey Mike’s locations.
  • Job duties involve preparing foods, taking orders, cleaning work stations, ringing up purchases, and answering questions regarding menus, services, and policies.
  • Time management and organizational skills prove necessary for hire.
  • Potential associates must also demonstrate positive and friendly attitudes and the ability to work quickly at all times.
  • The fast food chain takes pride in operating locations similar to sit-down restaurants and providing exceptional customer experiences.
  • Employees need to become familiar with customers, including memorizing names and order history, to provide for more personalized visits.
  • Team members earn anywhere from minimum wage to $8.00 an hour.
  • Upon hire, associates assume part-time employment status, in most cases.


  • Managers oversee the daily operations and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The fast food chain personalizes each visit for customers and provides prompt service.
  • General responsibilities of managers include motivating employees, scheduling workers, ordering food supplies and kitchen materials, tracking inventories, and hiring new employees.
  • Management also takes responsibility for training new-hires, setting sales goals, marketing within surrounding communities, and engaging with customers.
  • Many locations limit managerial roles to individuals 18 and over with high school diplomas and backgrounds in leadership and/or the fast food industry.
  • Specific job titles include shift supervisor and general manager.
  • Shift supervisors often start out at $8.00 per hour, while general managers earn annual salary options around $30,000 at start.

Tips For Applying

Teamwork and trust play important roles when adding staff members at Jersey Mike’s locations. Applicants must show dedication, commitment, and drive to impress hiring managers as well as the ability to interact with customers and coworkers in respectable manners. Recruitment personnel also examine candidates abilities to maintain acceptable levels of personal hygiene and arrive at work on-time, as scheduled. Job hopefuls with experience in the fast food industry regularly outperform individuals lacking related backgrounds, especially for positions involving assembly line stations. However, the chain routinely hires workers based on personality and potential over past experiences.

Application Status

Franchising greatly affects the methods used to screen new workers for employment. Some independent outlets strictly utilize paper hiring forms, while others rely on electronic submissions. Despite differences in hiring practices, applicants typically cite turnaround on employment forms within a day or two, with job offers extended soon after an initial interview. Individuals may call, email, or visit locations to check on application statuses any time after handing the documents over to the appropriate personnel. Check with the specific location prior to submitting the forms and ask about preferred methods of follows ups to avoid becoming a distraction or a nuisance.

Benefits of Working for Jersey Mike’s Subs

In general, qualified workers receive paid training, access to career development programs, and potential increases in wages. Most locations offer employees some form of discount on food and drink. The fast food chain also provides eligible employees with 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and life insurance options. Franchising may affect job benefits packages store to store.

More Information on Jersey Mike’s Subs

After experiencing substantial success during the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, Jersey Mike’s Subs underwent an ownership change in the mid-1970s. Then team member Peter Cancro purchased the fast food chain at the age of 17 and continues to serve as CEO. At the time of the ownership change, the sub sandwich shop went by the name of Mike’s Subs. After nearly three decades as Mike’s Subs, the restaurant chain began using the current moniker, Jersey Mike’s Subs. The name change coincided with the executive decision to begin franchising throughout the United States. The restaurant, once purchased by a teenager, operates more than 1,300 locations as of March 2014.

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