JetBlue Airways Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at JetBlue Airways

Hopefuls can apply online for JetBlue Airways jobs by filling out an application form. Managers usually contact promising candidates within a few weeks to begin the interview process. This often includes a brief phone interview, an online assessment, and a meeting with hiring staff.

A Different Job, A Separate Interview Process

Interviews at JetBlue are different for each position. For example, customer support applicants must go to a Blue Review for a group interview. On the other hand, inflight workers undergo a video interview prior to attending a hiring event. Research a specific job to find out its requirements for interviewing. Regardless, most meetings involve common questions.

JetBlue Airways Interview Questions

What Questions Will They Ask?

Candidates in JetBlue Airways job interviews may hear prompts such as:

Additional Inquiries

Managers might also ask about an applicant's work history and language abilities during the interview. Entry-level job seekers can share any relevant skills they have from school, clubs, or past jobs. JetBlue Airways interviews often include a chance for hopefuls to ask questions of their own.

Make Your Mark in a JetBlue Interview

Be Prepared

Since the hiring process could involve group interviews, it is important to stand out. Always speak clearly and confidently when answering questions. Consider preparing responses in advance if needed. This may improve poise and professionalism, both of which are great qualities for an interviewee to have.

What Should You Wear to the JetBlue Airways Interview?

How to Dress

Potential employees must look professional in a job interview at JetBlue. Men should wear a suit or a long-sleeved dress shirt with slacks. Women should wear a skirt that reaches their knees, blouse, and closed-toe dress shoes. Nice clothing increases confidence and makes an applicant more memorable to the interviewers.

Length of the JetBlue Airways Hiring Process

How Long Will it Take?

Depending on the position, getting a job at JetBlue Airways can take from a week to a few months. Managers could ask the candidate to come back for further interviews. If hired, all roles require a background check and a drug test before employment.


  • lewis says:

    Are they hiring in the bahamas

  • Rey says:

    What education level (high school or college) is required for the job?

  • Franklin L. Booker says:

    What kind of jobs are avaible at the Richmond Airport?
    Can I fill out an application online?
    What are the income/wages and benefits?
    How soon does training start for new employees?

  • Christine chatzopoulos says:

    I applied for a position for operation crew on Worcester for JetBlue and haven’t heard anything back after my phone interview. I would like to know if the position is filled and if so what was I lacking in my résumé or application.

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