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How to Get a Job at JetBlue

Prominent airline JetBlue maintains a fleet size of roughly 190 aircraft and flies to over 80 destinations worldwide. In order to provide excellent customer service, the air carrier must hire motivated and highly trained individuals. Job opportunities range from part-time ticket agent positions to professional careers as pilots and IT personnel. The international airline conducts hiring on a regular and rolling basis. Applicants must submit required hiring materials for employment consideration. If an applicant applies for a position online, the airline generally reaches out to each desired candidate to initiate the interview process.

Limitations and Restrictions

Basic requirements limit JetBlue job opportunities to workers 18 and over. Even entry-level JetBlue positions require applicants to hold at least a high school diploma. Other than basic age requirements, customer service jobs with the airline available require little-to-no previous or related experience for employment.

Phone Interviews and Group Interviews

The JetBlue hiring process begins with an automated phone interview. Applicants answer basic interview questions over the phone and, based on the answers provided, move on to group interviews. Some applicants may encounter panel interviews during this phase of the hiring process. Regardless of the interview format, the airliner uses the second stage in the hiring process to gauge applicant abilities working in group settings. Group interviews more effectively gauge interactions with fellow employees, while panel interviews assess ability to maintain a professional demeanor at all times when speaking to or around more than one individual.

Workers should arrive with a desire to interact with other candidates. JetBlue uses the interview process to screen for highly personable individuals. Customer service ranks as one of the most desirable traits of potential candidates, especially for customer service agent and flight crew jobs. During group interviews, applicants must often greet and then introduce fellow candidates. JetBlue interview questions revolve around the STAR method, which stands for situation, task, action, and response. Examples of STAR interview questions include: "What specific qualities or traits will you bring to the position of baggage handler/flight attendant/ground crew?", "Can you recall a time where you had to break an obligation and for what reason?", and "How would you attend to a sick passenger?"

Will They Make Me Submit to a Background Check?

Prior to the face-to-face portion of the JetBlue hiring process, applicants must submit to background checks and drug screening. Background checks typically require fingerprinting.

Appearance, Attitude, and Bilingual Abilities

Grooming and appearance play important roles in gaining hiring consideration for JetBlue jobs. Positions like flight attendant may impose height and reach qualifications. Applicants must also possess neat and presentable demeanors, especially when seeking jobs in customer service. The ability to speak multiple languages may also serve as prerequisite for customer service jobs. Hiring representatives may ask for demonstration of lingual abilities during the face-to-face interview phase. The airline selects candidates as needed.

How Long Does it Take to Hear Back from JetBlue?

Workers must typically wait to hear back from the airline after submitting the necessary hiring materials. Candidates often cite the entire process lasting at least eight weeks. Some positions may require months upon months of interviewing and waiting on deliberation.

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  1. lewis

    Are they hiring in the bahamas

  2. Rey

    What education level (high school or college) is required for the job?

  3. Franklin L. Booker

    What kind of jobs are avaible at the Richmond Airport?
    Can I fill out an application online?
    What are the income/wages and benefits?
    How soon does training start for new employees?

  4. Christine chatzopoulos

    I applied for a position for operation crew on Worcester for JetBlue and haven’t heard anything back after my phone interview. I would like to know if the position is filled and if so what was I lacking in my résumé or application.


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