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With more than 45,000 employees, Jewel-Osco consistently provides great entry-level job opportunities for employment seekers. The grocer staffs almost 200 stores throughout the Midwest and provides many services common to other traditional supermarkets. Popular job titles include cashier, stock associate, deli clerk, cake decorator, and customer service representative.

Facts About Working at Jewel Osco

Minimum Age to Work at Jewel Osco: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Jewel Osco?)

Jewel Osco Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Jewel Osco: Cashier, Service Clerk, Customer Service, Stock Associate, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Drive for Lyft! Call 855-407-9995 to apply

Jewel-Osco Job Opportunities

Entry-level candidates without experience in the grocery store industry generally find work at Jewel-Osco without issue. Qualifications for work with the supermarket may require applicants to possess a high school diploma and flexible schedule availability. Dependability, honesty, outgoing personalities, and willingness to learn all prove desirable characteristics of potential workers, as well.

Additional employment opportunities with the grocery store chain include managerial careers, shift supervisor jobs, and corporate positions. Jewel-Osco likes to hire management from within, and the supermarket often screens for loyal employees searching for a career in the industry. Most employees start out as entry-level associates, with promising workers moving up to managerial positions over time. Qualifications for advanced job opportunities with the grocery store chain may consist of secondary education and/or associated experience as well as great leadership and organizational aptitude.

Jewel-Osco Employment and Pay Scales

Jewel-Osco regularly hires workers to fill both entry-level jobs and full-time careers. Applicants hoping for basic positions must typically stand 16 years of age or older. Upper-level positions sometimes carry a minimum hiring age of 18. The grocer offers part-time and full-time positions featuring great pay scales and employee benefits for qualifying associates. Potential associates may apply online for the following jobs:


Job Description and Duties
Cashier job seekers should take advantage of the opportunity at Jewel-Osco stores. Workers assuming cashier positions must stand at least 16 years of age. No other real employment requirements exist for Jewel-Osco cashier jobs. Primary responsibilities include completing transactions and providing customer service. Most Jewel-Osco cashiers work part-time. Desirable traits of cashier associates include friendly, attentive, and efficient workers. Job duties sometimes include sales associate and stocker responsibilities, as needed.

Salary and Compensation
Average starting pay for Jewel-Osco cashiers rests at minimum wage. Most cashier employees earn roughly $9.00 per hour. Workers may access higher pay scales through promotion into managerial or supervisory roles. Jewel-Osco stores often provide career development programs to aid workers in search of long-term employment featuring annual salary and job benefits. Jewel-Osco cashiers receive discounts on products and services, in most cases. Employment benefits available to eligible associates include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and life insurance options. As a grocery store chain located in several major metropolitan areas, Jewel-Osco provides sound employment opportunities for applicants meeting basic hiring requirements to find meaningful work with a prominent supermarket.


Job Description and Duties
Jewel-Osco operates as a prominent offshoot grocery store chain of SUPERVALU. With locations in three states, Jewel-Osco needs to hire workers to fill entry-level positions like store clerk on a regular basis. The most common store clerk jobs include part-time positions featuring night and weekend hours. Jewel-Osco also offers full-time store clerk opportunities with more regular shift availability. Applicants must meet minimum age requirements of 16 years in order to gain hiring consideration. Due to often irregular shifts, prospective employees must possess the ability to work flexible hours. Primary job duties for Jewel-Osco store clerks include stocking and organizing shelves and displays, assisting customers with purchases, and carrying out various departmental duties, such as cutting meats or arranging flowers. Jewel-Osco associates must demonstrate willingness to work as part of a team and friendly, personable demeanors.

Salary and Compensation
Base pay for Jewel-Osco store clerk workers falls between minimum wage and $8.00 per hour. Hourly wages depend greatly on department and experience levels prior to employment. Store clerk wages often top out around $9.00 or $10.00 an hour. The regional grocery store chain provides entry-level employees opportunities to advance into managerial or supervisory positions with higher salary options through paid career development programs. Eligible Jewel-Osco workers also receive job benefits such as paid time off, healthcare options, and 401(k) retirement plans through parent company SUPERVALU. Though a regional chain, Jewel-Osco stores operate in several major cities and surrounding suburban areas. Applicants in search of entry-level jobs to begin careers in the supermarket industry may find valuable opportunities with Jewel-Osco featuring competitive pay and work benefits on a consistent basis.


Job Description and Duties
The most prevalent job duties for Jewel-Osco managers include hiring, training, supervising, and scheduling subordinate workers. Available managerial positions also involve administrative tasks, such as maintaining and ordering inventory, processing payroll, creating sales goals and driving profits, and communicating with Jewel-Osco corporate offices. Specific job titles available include department manager, assistant manager, and store manager. Each Jewel-Osco manager position typically features full-time hours and unique sets of hiring requirements. However, department manager jobs may exist in part-time capacities, as well. Basic hiring requirements include previous experience working for a grocery store or as a manager and the ability to effectively delegate, organize, and train workers. Jewel-Osco only hires candidates 18 years of age and older for management positions.

Salary and Compensation
As a major, regional grocery store chain, Jewel-Osco provides employees with competitive pay scales and exceptional employment benefits. Managers working for Jewel-Osco earn between $35,000 and $70,000 annual salary, on average. Many managers receive paid career development opportunities through available training programs designed to foster entry-level workers into managerial positions. Other work benefits available in addition to generous salary options include future planning and health and wellness perks, including paid time off, pension plans and 401(k) retirement plans, health insurance, and discounts on Jewel-Osco products and services. Jewel-Osco favors promoting associates from within and offers several career paths for aspiring supermarket industry professionals through a network of more than 180 stores.


Jewel-Osco pharmacy jobs include pharmacist and pharmacy technician positions. Pharmacists distribute and answer questions about medications. The position of pharmacist generally requires a four-year degree and previous experience to receive employment consideration. Pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists. Technician candidates should hold at least a two-year degree from an accredited school. Pharmacy technicians typically make around $25,000 to $35,000 a year. Salary options for pharmacists range from $60,000 to $100,000 a year, depending on store location and experience.

Tips For Applying

Most workers pass through multiple stages to gain employment during the Jewel-Osco hiring process. Depending on the position desired, individuals may need to sit through successive interviews with staff and/or submit to drug screenings. Background checks also prove pivotal parts of the employment process. Applicants should understand submitting hiring forms may not automatically qualify hopefuls for review. However, the chain maintains applications on file for up to six months, in most cases.

Application Status

The Jewel-Osco hiring process may take anywhere from one day to a few months to complete. In most cases, job hopefuls pass through the necessary procedures to receive employment consideration in a week or two. Individuals with experience in the industry or referred by current employees may complete the process in less than a week. Online applicants may check on hiring statuses via individual careers profiles. Logging into the company job portal allows real-time updating on applications. A simple phone call or visit to a local store also provides chances to ask about hiring statuses and prime opportunities to inquire more into workplace cultures and positions desired.

Benefits of Working at Jewel-Osco

Supermarket retailers offer employment hopefuls a wide range of job benefits. Grocery store employees enjoy a fun, diverse, and supportive work environment. Paid training opportunities and advancement potential help motivated workers reach career goals. Jewel-Osco stores also offer flexible work schedules, competitive base pay, and attractive salary options. Qualified employees gain access to exceptional benefits packages. Worker benefits include financial perks, such as 401(k) retirement plans and pension plans, insurance coverage, paid time off, and employee discounts. Employees also receive complimentary nametags and uniforms.

More Details on Jewel-Osco

Jewel-Osco supports a number of non-profit organizations and remains involved in each community where stores are located. The supermarket often helps organizations that address socioeconomic issues like hunger and malnutrition due to poverty. Non-profit groups that promote good nutrition and healthy lifestyles also enjoy the support of the grocery store chain. A recycling program initiated by the supermarket in 2009 assists in keeping tons of plastic from entering landfills each year. Jewel-Osco encourages patrons to reuse grocery bags each time they return to the store, demonstrating care for the environment and sustainability.

3 user comments:

  1. Tim

    I work there…its great if you are in school. Flexible hours. Our union is terrible though, and the pay is not competitive. Overall, its not bad. By the way, if you start you will be a bagger, nothing else. And it will take a bit of time to move up. The promotion process is political, so suck up to the right people like I do 🙂

  2. glenda byrd

    I worked as a person who bagged groceries, stocked shelves, and gathered carts from the parking lot. It was an easy job with something always to do.

  3. Dixie Aaron

    I worked at osco’s about 20 years ago as a part time cashier and i enjoyed working there my coworkers were nice and friendly and we work very well together.


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