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Jewelry stores, like other retail stores, are always hiring entry-level workers.

Positions and Duties: Retail sales associate and cashier positions often need filled in jewelry stores, particularly in larger chains. The positions typically remain more accessible to entry-level workers than other jobs in the same trade. Jewelry retailers carry a large amount of highly valuable and desirable merchandise, so many locations also employ security personnel to ensure order and prevent theft from occurring on site. Jewelers design, examine, grade, and repair jewelry. Precious stones workers usually bear the majority of responsibility for the continuing profitability of each jewelry establishment. Some hold full or partial ownership of the store.

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Job Requirements: Retail job hopefuls should ideally bring previous experience in retail service to the table. Potential security guards need to possess physical strength, discipline, and attentiveness to stay alert at work. Nearly all jewelry store positions require only a high school diploma or the equivalent. However, jewelers frequently must undergo extensive on-the-job training to perfect the cutting and analysis of gems and metals. Generally, only applicants 18 years of age or older may gain employment, especially for the jeweler and security positions.

Jewelry Industry: Roughly 175,000 employees currently work in the jewelry field. Demand for boutique and custom jewelry persists, and repair operations usually fare very well as means to make capital, as most people prefer to repair existing jewelry if possible, as opposed to buying new merchandise. According to a 2014 report by McKinsey & Company, global sales in the jewelry industry should continue to grow by 5% or more and total over $400 billion in annual revenue by 2020.

Salary and Benefits: Most jewelers earn about $17.00 hourly, while the median pay for security guards stands at $11.55 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pay rates for retail employees vary but normally hover around $9.50 an hour. Full-time employees benefit from medical and dental coverage, paid time off, and 401(k) savings plans with most distinguished jewelry companies.

Common Jewelry Store Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – Friendly and motivated individuals fair well as sales associates as the profession requires commitment to customer service and avid sales abilities. Interested candidates usually must stand at least 18 years of age to work as an associate in jewelry stores as the competitive sales component and overall environment generally does not suit younger individuals. People chosen for hire receive extensive on the job training, so no previous experience remains required; however, applicants familiar with the job may receive preferential consideration. Training consists of becoming familiar with different cuts and styles of gem, as well as the various benefits and deals the store regularly offers in order to discuss options in-depth with customers. Sales associates often maintain responsibility for sales quotas, which help stores meet corporate-set monthly goals. Individuals employed as sales representatives can make anywhere from minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Full-time associates stand eligible for generous benefits packages.

Management – Responsible for the smooth operation of store locations, individuals interested in managerial positions must possess several years of experience and the ability to remain organized. Regular duties include hiring a cohesive team of associates, ensuring individuals and the store continually meet sales goals, working closely with customers to guarantee overall satisfaction with the store, addressing customer complaints, and firing any employees no longer upholding company-enforced responsibilities. Additionally, managers oversee the training of new hires in order to certify that sales associates have the proper knowledge and tools to serve the customers and the company. Interested prospects should hold either a two or four year degree in finance or business. Jewelry store managers earn between $35,000 and $70,000 per year.

Jeweler – Creative individuals with nimble hands obtain the advantage as jewelers. Jewelry stores often employ in-house jewelers to design and create new pieces, clean and polish the merchandise, repair jewelry, and examine and determine the value of gems. While many jewelers learn the practice through hands-on job experience, certificates denoting completion of trade school programs may prioritize certain individuals for hire. Jewelers make an average annual salary of $35,000.