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Headquartered in Hudson, OH, Jo-Ann Fabrics serves areas across the United States and provides thousands of opportunities to find viable work annually. The arts and crafts retail chain boasts around 800 stores. Strong customer bases and energetic work environments make the popular chain an ideal place to find employment.

Facts About Working at Jo-Ann Fabrics

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Jo Ann Fabrics?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Stock Associate, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Jo-Ann Fabrics Job Opportunities

Each Jo-Ann Fabrics retail location provides dozens of diverse employment options. Jobs available often range in given responsibilities from typical entry-level retail roles, like sales associate and cashier, to more specific, craft-oriented positions, like demonstration leaders, framing experts, and textile support. Employees often float from position to position and assist in operations as needed. Workers with backgrounds in heavy lifting or manual labor may take interest in available stocking positions, as well. The company maintains supportive work environments conducive to growth in a wide variety of professional fields and assists aspiring associates in assuming desirable, well-paid roles within corporate, retail, and distribution capacities.

As one of the leading craft stores in the United States, Jo-Ann Fabrics provides employees with exceptional base pay and access to work benefits. Crew members also receive paid training and career development along with discounts in store. Retail operations serve as learning centers where associates grow and hone skills in fun, friendly settings. The chain of stores often offers free demo classes for employees and encourages workers to become involved in arts and crafts as personal hobbies to further appreciate customer and consumer interest in the chain.

Jo-Ann Fabrics Salary Information and Employment Details

Employment opportunities remain reserved for individuals standing 18 years of age and over. Workers who possess arts and crafts skills in addition to desirable retail qualities, like friendly attitudes and personable demeanors, often receive preferential treatment for hire. Applicants in search of part-time jobs or full-time careers should fill out an application for the following positions:

Team Member

  • Available in both part-time and full-time capacities, team member jobs provide excellent opportunities for entry-level employment hunters to find meaningful work.
  • The position usually entails working store frontends and sales floors.
  • Common daily tasks include greeting customers, operating cash registers, processing transactions, assisting in sales, organizing merchandise shelves and displays, and stocking out product.
  • Workers must possess the ability to pass background checks and work varied schedules, including nights, weekends, and holidays, in order to assume team member jobs.
  • Attentive, motivated, and dedicated individuals usually fare well during the hiring process for team member positions.
  • Starting pay begins at minimum wage and ranges up to $10.00 an hour with experience.
  • The craft retailer also offers seasonal team member jobs.

Education Coordinator

  • Specific job duties of education coordinators revolve around staffing stores with effective class instructors.
  • Education coordinators organize daily, weekly, and monthly classes offered at each location and hire on help to lead the demonstrations.
  • Workers assuming the role also perform entry-level job duties, such as cashier, sales, and stock responsibilities.
  • Self-motivation to broaden knowledge of arts and crafts in order to better serve customers stands out as a plus to recruitment personnel.
  • Like team member jobs, the position remains available in both part-time and full-time capacities.
  • Average hourly pay for education coordinator jobs falls around $11.00.


  • Applicants looking for full-time work with the major retail chain may find available management posts well suited to personal interests.
  • Career options available with the nationwide arts and crafts store include merchandise team leader, operations team leader, and store team leader job titles.
  • Managers in all roles assist in compiling inventory and sales reports, hiring and training new employees, setting work schedules, delegating daily tasks, supervising subordinate associates, and processing payroll.
  • The jobs also involve opening and closing procedures, including reconciling cash drawers, locking and unlocking store locations, and making sure equipment and grounds meet company standards before and after each workday.
  • Strong judgment of character, excellent work ethics, and sound communication skills headline desirable traits personnel look for in new managers.
  • Experience in the retail industry usually proves necessary for employment.
  • Managers may make anywhere from $8.00 to $9.00 an hour for entry-level roles up through $75,000 in annual salary for associates in tenured store team leader positions.

Tips For Applying

Demonstrating personal interests in arts and crafts generally proves the most beneficial undertaking applicants may employ during the hiring process. Workers who show propensity for learning and evolving, especially within the company culture, regularly receive added hiring consideration. When filling out employment forms, job hopefuls should provide any related information about personal hobbies involving crafts in the spaces provided for additional candidate information. Use legible handwriting and blue or black ink when filling out the forms.

Application Status

Applicants must create online profiles to electronically apply for jobs with the arts and crafts retail chain. Paper applications available in store also exist and provide access to job vacancies. In either case, workers must fill out the forms completely. Applicants typically receive both review and confirmation of employment within a week of submitting the required forms. In special instances in which candidates do not hear back from the arts and crafts chain, job seekers may call or visit a store in person to inquire about additional steps necessary for consideration or specific timetables dictating completion of the oboarding process. If opting to contact the retail chain regarding outstanding applications, avoid busy shopping hours and maintain a professional demeanor at all times.

Benefits of Working at Jo-Ann Fabrics

The most widely accessible job benefits available to employees include paid training, competitive wages, and flexible schedules. Eligible associates also receive comprehensive work benefits packages, including:

  • Paid time off
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Dental and vision plan options
  • 401(k) retirement plans with company-match, and
  • Career growth opportunities.

In order to qualify for supplementary employment benefits packages, workers must typically hold full-time status.

Additional Information on Jo-Ann Fabrics

Jo-Ann Fabrics offers returning customers the ability to sign up for a company-sponsored VIP Program, which awards 10% discounts on every purchase. Applicants must belong to professional crafting or sewing organizations in order to sign up for the program. The retailer encourages members of active organizations to become VIP partners and act as stewards for the brand.


  • ChristineBurgess says:

    I was a fabrics cutting counter associate and I really enjoyed working for Jo Ann Fabric. The people were very nice and it was a very pleasant place to work. The smiles that you put on people’s faces when they didn’t have to run around the store for help were very rewarding. Jo Ann Fabric is just a good place to work, and I look forward to joining the team again.

  • Gabriela guerrero says:

    I worked for Joann fabrics for 5yrs I started as a seasonal employee and worked my self up to ASM at store 2386, I was also a floor team lead then became a merchandising team lead from there I became an Assistant Store Manager. It was a great experience to work at Joann’s.

  • Suzanne Bobinshot says:

    I worked for two Jo-Ann Fabrics. I worked in Florida as a cutting counter and cashier. The other employees were like family. I enjoyed working there. I also worked in Jackson Michigan at Jo-Ann Fabrics. What a wonderful store to work at. From the people that shop at Jo-Ann Fabrics, all the way to the boss, were great.

  • Crystal (Huser) Baldwin says:

    I was in a sales clerk position then assistant manager, within two years of beginning with Jo-Ann Fabrics. I was offered a Store Manager position within a year of being the assistant. I held that position for 3 years. I enjoyed the position, the people and the opportunity to work Retail in a management level.

  • Sandra Griffith says:

    I worked for Jo-Ann Fabrics for 17 years, mostly at the cutting counter. I was at the St. Petersburg, Fl store. I enjoyed with the employees
    and the customers. I learned a lot about fabric and also craft projects which was fun.

  • Betty Rose says:

    I worked part-time Jo Ann’s Polaris (Columbus, OH) at the cutting table & would like to come back. I have 7 scissor awards on my name tag. Is that possible?

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