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Touted as the home of the original hamburger, Johnny Rockets offers classic American fare served by cheerful and energetic workers capable of creating fun and memorable dining experiences. The restaurant chain hires friendly, smiling individuals to fill jobs known as Rocketeer careers.

Facts About Working at Johnny Rockets

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Johnny Rockets?)

Available Positions: Food Server, Host, Hostess, Cashier, Fountain Runner, Dish Runner, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Field Marketing Manager, Maintenance Technician, Truck Driver, AM Cashier, PM Cashier

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Johnny Rockets Job Opportunities

With roughly 330 restaurants in more than 30 states and 25 countries, Johnny Rockets operates on an international scale and maintains significant hiring needs as a result. The American restaurant chain needs employees with the ability to uphold the guiding principles of the company, which consist of maintaining positive work environments based on respect, serving quality food in a fun and engaging way, applying high standards of excellence to tasks performed, and meeting or exceeding the expectations of customers. More than 7,500 associates work for the global chain of restaurants, with 20 to 40 individuals employed at each location.

To ensure the hiring of the most dynamic and outgoing workers possible, Johnny Rockets looks for job seekers who exude a certain quality, which the company refers to as a Gotta Dance attitude. The formal name of the highly sought quality alludes more to the energetic spark the restaurant chain seeks in employees and less to the actual act of dancing. Greeting and smiling at every guest, providing cheerful and efficient service, and handling customer issues promptly represent the main components of the Gotta Dance attitude. For the best chances of gaining employment, applicants need to embody the previously listed components during the hiring process.

Johnny Rockets Positions and Salary Information

Generally categorized as either restaurant crew or restaurant management positions, Johnny Rockets jobs make suitable career options for entry-level associates and experienced workers alike. Candidates may typically apply for entry-level employment at 16 years of age or older, while management positions usually feature higher age minimums due to the level of experience required. The following section expands on the two categories of Rocketeer career opportunities:

Restaurant Crew

  • Restaurant crew employees fill the entry-level positions of server, host, cashier, food runner, and cook.
  • Specific responsibilities vary according to job title but generally involve customer service or food preparation.
  • Servers, hosts, and cashiers primarily work in the dining areas of the restaurant and combine to create fulfilling guest experiences by greeting and seating customers promptly, explaining the menus and taking food orders, ensuring satisfaction with meals, and collecting payments to finalize sales.
  • Specifically at Johnny Rockets, servers periodically dance to popular songs and make smiley faces out of ketchup to further connect with customers and bring the spirit of the restaurant chain to life.
  • Food runners also forge connections with customers by bringing completed orders to tables and clearing dirty dishes, while cooks prepare meals in open kitchens within sight of restaurant guests.
  • With the exception of servers, restaurant crew associates typically earn around minimum wage to start.
  • Servers receive lower hourly pay rates but also earn tips from grateful customers.

Restaurant Management

  • The responsibilities of restaurant managers tend to center on business operations, employee relations, and food quality.
  • Overseeing restaurant operations entails monitoring and increasing sales, making suggestions for improvement based on financial performance reports, ordering inventory as needed, and ensuring proper staffing levels by scheduling workers strategically.
  • Promoting strong employee relations involves recruiting and hiring the most suitable associates, providing the necessary training, and developing fun and collaborative work environments, while maintaining high standards of food quality requires managers to implement effective cooking procedures, monitor the expiration dates of ingredients, and solicit feedback from customers.
  • As entry-level management positions, shift supervisor and assistant manager jobs feature hourly pay rates, which generally fall between $10.00 and $15.00.
  • General managers, on the other hand, hold more responsibilities and earn yearly salary options of $40,000 or higher to compensate for the additional work.

Tips For Applying

Johnny Rockets operates restaurants as either corporately owned locations or independent franchises. Job seekers wishing to work at one of the restaurants owned by the corporation may apply online at the company website, while candidates pursuing employment with a franchisee usually need to apply in person at the independently owned and operated location. The online application, which often shares similarities with the paper version of the form, asks for information regarding personal contact, schedule availability for work, education, employment history, and references. Applicants indicating open availability or willingness to work changing schedules generally appeal more to hiring managers.

Application Status

After submitting the necessary materials, applicants may either wait for a callback to interview or follow up with the restaurant personally in the meantime. Calling or visiting the restaurant manager at least a week after applying may result in stronger consideration for employment, as following up often demonstrates the motivation and energy Johnny Rockets typically looks for in a worker. Applicants choosing to follow up in person should exemplify the brand ideals of the restaurant chain in both dress and behavior.

Benefits of Working at Johnny Rockets

To attract and retain the best employees, Johnny Rockets offers a full range of job benefits to crew associates and managers alike. Eligible crew workers enjoy access to:

  • Life insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Healthcare benefits with coverage for dental and vision.

Managers frequently qualify for additional employment benefits, which often include bonus incentives, vacation and sick pay, and service awards.

Additional Information on Johnny Rockets

With about 330 locations worldwide, Johnny Rockets uses a variety of restaurant formats. In addition to traditional standalone locations, the global company operates restaurants in popular destinations like airports, amusement parks, aquariums, casinos, military bases, and sports arenas. The restaurant chain even maintains a presence on a dozen Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Together, the locations combine to serve more than 15 million hamburgers, 11 million sodas, 8 million milkshakes, 8 million pounds of French fries, 2 million orders of onion rings, and 800,000 gallons of ice cream each year.

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