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Hiring process information for an interview at Journeys

How to Get a Job at Journeys

The Journeys hiring process helps retail job seekers find meaningful employment. Once an applicant submits the required information, a hiring manager contacts the prospective team member about scheduling a job interview. Applicants generally hear back from hiring managers within a few days. Some applicants may receive hiring consideration immediately after submitting the appropriate information onsite. Other workers may wait several weeks before hearing back from hiring managers, depending on the volume of applicants. Employee referrals also generally expedite the wait time applicants undergo when hearing back from Journeys about potential jobs.

Common Managerial Interview Questions

Management job hopefuls generally participate in one or two rounds of interviews. Candidates for managerial roles often respond to: "How well do you work in a team setting?" and "Are you able to work holidays and weekends?" Questions regarding leadership, conflict resolution, and company policy also come up during Journeys job interviews. The sessions take roughly 20 to 30 minutes to complete and generally feature a store manager or general manager presiding over the proceedings.

Typical Entry-level Interview Questions

Applicants seeking entry-level employment usually undergo one interview before receiving employment offers. At the job interview, hiring managers ask applicants a series of questions regarding job skills, availability, and work experience, which remain similar to questions asked during managerial interviews. Additional Journeys interview questions gauge personality traits and include:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • If you could describe Journeys as an animal, what would it be and why?
  • If you witnessed an employee stealing merchandise, how would you handle the situation?

Act and Dress Professionally

As a fashion retailer, Journeys expects employees to dress appropriately. Wear business-casual clothes to each interview and demonstrate well-groomed appearances. Applicants seeking favorable consideration from hiring managers should wear fashionable clothing and accessories and express genuine passion for customer service and retail. Candidates with positive and friendly attitudes throughout the Journeys interview process gain considerable hiring favor. The process usually ends quickly, so take each interview seriously and make lasting first impressions.

11 user comments:

  1. Breana

    What is the starting pay ?
    What questions do they ask?
    What kind of clothes should someone wear or how should they dress ?

    1. Anon

      Dress code is very casual depending on the manager. They ask you job based questions as well as personality based, and starting pay is minimum wage.

  2. Katlynn Kidd

    What kind of clothes should they wear?
    What is our starting pay?
    What questions do thay ask?

  3. Ta'Mara

    What if your 15 and your birthday is around the corner to turn 16. Do you hold the application until he/she turns 16 or you just throw it away?

  4. Jada Mitchell

    What education level is required? Do I have to dress a certain way?

  5. Mariah Benning

    How do you get an interview at journeys kidz?

  6. Ivette Sanchez

    How can i get a job at Journeys Kidz as a part time sales employee?

  7. Denia Wilburn

    how are we to dress at the interview ?
    what’s the lowest and highest pay ?
    what if you have sports ?

  8. vicktoria Gabrielle

    how old do you have to be to have a job?
    should i know all the shoe brands?
    how many days later will i start?
    will they ask for salary information?

  9. Khristien

    what questions do they ask?
    how is the interview overall?

    1. Cara

      They asked me to explain how I would deal with a situation such as “Describe a time you had to go above your own responsibilities to get a job done.” and “Explain a time you were asked to go above your call of duty.”
      Overall, it’s a very quick interview. Just be yourself and be sure to ask questions and seem interested in the job!


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