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An illustrious heritage propels JPMorgan Chase into reaching top-tier status among leading financial institutions offering global services. The legacy continues through committed teams of individuals both exceptionally talented and equally goal-driven.

Facts About Working at JPMorgan Chase

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at JPMorgan Chase?)

Available Positions: Teller, Business Analyst, Underwriter - Consumer and Commercial Lending, Business Banker, Relationship Management Specialist, Homeownership Advisor, Screener, Financial Advisor, Operations Manager, Personal Banker, Administrative Assistant, Branch Manager, Investor, Financial Reporting Analyst, Wealth Advisor, Support Technician, HR Accountant, Technology Recruiter, Fund Accounting Specialist, Channel Marketing Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

JPMorgan Chase Job Opportunities

Historical figures in business, Anthony Drexel and J. Pierpont Morgan, founded the future JPMorgan Chase in New York in 1871. The company utilizes the expertise of close to 265,000 employees to move toward future success. With ties to over 100 countries, the financial services firm encourages staff members to explore opportunities around the world. Divisions of business range between asset management and auditing to commercial banking and legal operations.

Held to the highest standards, hired individuals must commit to the success of the company and clients. Employees, noted as valuable assets, perform in dynamic, complex, and innovative markets often in steep competition with rivals. JPMorgan Chase recognizes the importance of diversity and the strength brought through unique perspective. The people of the corporation reflect the world in which the employees live and work in. Inclusive environments, more conducive of inventive ideas and better solutions, drawn from assorted cultures, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and styles. Each employee acquires professional development training, as well. Career advancement through tuition assistance, performance management, and mobility benefit eager aspirants seeking to climb corporate ladders.

JPMorgan Salary and Career Information

Determined by occupations selected, aspirants should acknowledge traditional banking hours held on weekends and evenings by possessing open availability. High school degrees or equivalents qualify candidates for employment. Applicants must also stand over the age of 18. Potential employees demonstrate passion for banking and customer service, as well. Entry-level positions allow job-market newcomers to secure work in the following roles:

Bank Teller

  • As members of branch teams, bank tellers play dynamic roles in customer banking experiences.
  • Frequent contact between clients as employees requires six months of previous experience in order to carry out primary duties.
  • An additional three months of cash handling knowledge also ensures workers complete financial communications with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Salary packages generally fall between $10.00 and $13.00 hourly, based on prerequisite skills assessed in application forms.
  • Additional income becomes available through monthly referral incentives.
  • Also essential, tellers demonstrate different ways clients may access accounts 24 hours a day to manage money necessities.

Data Entry Operator

  • Earning hourly wages of $12.00 to $14.00, data entry positions require some previous experience.
  • Knowledge of typing and 10-key experience aids in completing assigned duties as well as Microsoft Office skills.
  • However, the most essential qualifications remain written and verbal communication, working independently, and focusing on customer service.
  • To meet productivity requirements and receive full review of applications, team members actively perform data corrections, amount entries, re-keying, payment allocations, and item matching.
  • Operators also maintain familiarity with the location of data in order to successfully enter documents into Transaction Image systems.

Customer Service Specialist

  • A vital position, customer service specialist ensures customer interactions end with positive resolutions.
  • While empathizing with patrons and determining appropriate solutions, employees mostly operate over telephones.
  • Serving as problem-solvers, staff conduct research, prioritize, and deliver results as timely as possible.
  • Good judgment to safeguard the right outcomes arrives from making decisions on behalf of the client, engaging in interactive dialogue, active listening, and attention to detail.
  • Employees should carefully abide to applicable regulations and department practices, as well.
  • Customer service specialists earn $13.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Tips For Applying

Applicants explore the careers of the investment firm through an online job network. Based on location and keyword searches, applicants may locate various job opportunities. Profiles, used to store personal information, allow returning aspirants the ability to apply quickly and seamlessly. For new job hunters, updated resumes and supporting documentations alleviate lengthy processes by auto-populating most fields. Contenders avoid searches with job matching capabilities based on profiles. The network permits users to add openings to job carts, apply directly to positions, or share opportunities through social media. Some candidates find success submitting resumes in person or working through college recruiters.

Application Status

Prolonged waiting periods resulting from factors like vast candidate pools should not discourage candidates. Average time frames between two and four weeks remain standard for the firm. Job seekers may politely request updates on applications during slower hours, while displaying favorable traits of professionalism and interpersonal skills. Typically, qualified aspirants receive notification from hiring leaders in the form of phone calls or emails. Prepared candidates extensively research the company and maintain familiarity with every aspect of submitted applications. Prospective employees should expect multiple interviews with varying management levels.

Employment Benefits for JPMorgan Chase

Hard work guarantees an abundance of rewards. Earnings rise well above average for associates with prerequisite skills and education. Healthcare coverage optimized through plans for medical insurance, dental, and vision promotes good health and prevention care. For future retirement, staff participate in fully paid for plans, which act as foundations for income.

  • 401(k) retirement plans boasting generous company matching percentages supply additional income in later years, as well.
  • Security also comes from obtaining life insurance packages, such as basic, supplemental, and accidental.
  • Difficult life situations often meet practical solutions through employee assistance programs supplied for by the firm.

To increase overall morale, team members enjoy benefits packages including paid time off, vacations, personal days, and holidays.

Additional Information about JPMorgan Chase

Sustainable operations and renewable energy both stand equally important at JPMorgan Chase. Primarily, business activity stems from bank branches, office buildings, and data centers, and from these locations, the environment experiences the most impact. The financial services institution actively reduces greenhouse gas emissions, manages green buildings, utilizes sustainable paper techniques, and experiments with renewable energy sources. The company aims to reduce harmful emission by 40% before 2020. During 2011, a complete renovation of the New York City headquarters allowed the organization to attain LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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