JPMorgan Chase Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase boasts a rich and extensive history in the United States as well as internationally. The finance company employs a workforce of over 250,000. Job seekers find career options on the website regularly. Both entry- level and professional applicants typically participate in several interviews in a variety of formats during the hiring process.

Scheduling and Screening

Human resource representatives usually facilitate scheduling during each phase of interviewing. Additionally, HR officials generally filter hiring requests and contact applicants for initial phone screenings within a week or two of reviewing information. Hiring officials typically cover basic job details during phone interviews and ask about applicant employment backgrounds, qualifications, and availability for in-person meetings.

Preparing for the Interview

Job seekers should prepare for interviews by studying company standards and industry trends. Candidates may also want to prepare for potential situational or behavioral inquiries by researching common difficulties employees face and constructing possible solutions. Rehearse popular interview questions with a friend and review work history to better articulate experiences.

General Interview Guidelines

Attend the interview punctually and wear proper clothing. Men often wear suits and ties, while women wear slacks or appropriate skirts with dressier blouses. Candidates with neatly groomed and professional appearances generally make great first impressions. Greet interviewers with amicable tones and provide clear introductions. Maintain relaxed eye contact and good posture during the hiring meeting. Interviewees who exude preparedness, competence, and friendliness represent ideal candidates for most positions.

Frequently Asked JPMorgan Chase Interview Questions

  • Tell me why we should hire you.
  • In what areas do you excel the most?
  • What do you like about this company?

Following Up

At the end of the JP Morgan Chase interview process, thank each hiring manager. Later, send thankful letters or emails to employment officials to express further gratitude for the opportunity and strengthen your candidacy.


  • Fairreview says:

    Interview Details – 5 rounds-
    1) Written test- for QA role
    2) Telephonic round- Technical
    3) Telephonic round again with US counterpart/team[since the project was US Based]
    4) Face-to face interview with VP of line of business and Test manager
    5) HR round to discuss remuneration and benefits

    I got a call from a recruiter/HR in JPMC for a written test- Got through this and was called 1 week later by the HR.
    Due to the HR’s inefficiency, round 2 was scheduled 2 weeks after round 1-This was the first of the line-up of horrible experiences.
    After getting through round 2, was scheduled for round-3 with a team member in US- Got through this one too.
    Round 4 was a face-to-face interview with the VP of the line of business and the Test manager
    Round 5- remuneration- arrived at a figure and was told I’ll be informed of my selection in a couple of days
    Rounds 1-5 took 3 months!!!!!!Have never interviewed for a role over 3 months with any company before and this one tested my patience.
    2 days after the face-face I was informed I was selected for the role and the offer will be rolled out in 2 weeks.
    I waited for 3 weeks before contacting the HR and was told there are many approvals so it will take more time.
    After a number of calls over 2 months after being selected, I was told that no time frame can be specified and I was given options-
    1) Wait for an indefinite period of time for the position I was selected for [And according to the recruiter/HR the position is usually put on hold-Never heard of such out-of sync operations-did not see it coming from JPMC!!!!!]
    2) Ask the HR to forward my CV to other QA positions in Bangalore, for which I will have to go through the 5 rounds again, and currently there are NO OPENINGS
    3) Take up the role in a different location

    1) Once you have reached round 4 or 5, please ask if once selected JPMC actually means to roll out an offer of if it’s just all hogwash
    2) Be prepared to give the interview over 3-4 months as the HR is not deft and is extremely inefficient in scheduling interviews
    3) Do not bank on the position even if you have been informed that you have been selected.Keep giving interviews at other companies as there is NO GUARANTEE THEY WILL OFFER YOU EVEN AFTER SELECTION

    Not sure if it’ll be a humane environment to work in, if you get through all the torture as mentioned above.

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