Kaiser Permanente Insurance Interview Questions & Tips

The Kaiser Permanente Interview Process

Applicants participating in the Kaiser Permanente interview process generally spend at least two weeks attending hiring sessions and up to two or three months to complete necessary requirements. The average interview lasts around 30 minutes and may feature panels of up to six different interviewers.

Online assessments also regularly prove commonplace to gain hiring consideration with the insurance company, as well as one-on-one interviews in traditional question-and-answer format. Most candidates sit through group interviews after initial contact by phone to attend interviews in-person. Panel interviews and 1:1 interviews generally serve as methods used in later rounds to screen workers.

Possible Interview Questions

Applicants generally face interview questions related to potential job duties, personal interests and hobbies, or professional work ethics and certifications. Interviewers may ask about stressful situations encountered in previous jobs or personal preferences in working environments. Due to the regular contact most available positions have with customers or patients, Kaiser Permanente interview questions may also touch on interpersonal skills and communication abilities.

How to Stand Out at the Interview

Aspiring Kaiser Permanente employees need to demonstrate a strong fit for the job. Workers should attend each interview in office-appropriate clothing and with printed copies of updated resumes to reference throughout each session. Hiring managers generally look at both technical abilities and customer service skills. Individuals must also demonstrate the ability to work independently as well as part of existing teams of staff.

Additional Interview Tips and Information

Smile often, as if working with patients or customers, and display warmth and approachability. Some individuals may benefit from negotiating salary options near the end of the hiring process; however, the insurance company may reject proposed salary expectations and offer employment to other candidates if no compromise can be reached. Drug tests and background checks often precede any extension of a formal job offer.

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