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Kangaroo Express oversees a chain of more than 1,500 gas stations located across over a dozen states in the Southeast region of the country. In addition to providing fuel for passing motorists, the prominent gasoline retailer offers employment to job seekers throughout the region.

Facts About Working at Kangaroo Express

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kangaroo Express?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Gas Station Attendant, Assistant Manager, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Kangaroo Job Opportunities

Focused on serving customers promptly and efficiently, Kangaroo Express hires motivated and attentive workers capable of identifying and fulfilling the needs of patrons. Hiring takes place to fill entry-level jobs and management positions, as both types of work become available on a regular basis. For entry-level job opportunities, such as sales and maintenance associate positions, applicants generally encounter few obstacles to gaining employment and typically only need to possess little, if any, work experience. Instead of focusing on the previous experience of entry-level candidates, hiring managers tend to look for certain personality traits, like willingness to provide friendly customer service, desire to achieve results, and enthusiasm for teamwork.

Kangaroo Express looks for the same attributes during the hiring process for managers. However, unlike entry-level job seekers, managerial applicants must also possess significant amounts of previous retail experience. In addition to working in retail previously, successful managers need to prove capable of providing solid leadership, developing a strong team of employees, driving the financial performance of the gas station, and accepting responsibility for the results. As compensation for holding such major responsibilities, managers usually earn competitive annual salary options and access to employment benefits.

Kangaroo Express Positions and Salary Information

The minimum age requirement for Kangaroos Express jobs falls at 18 years old. Most gas station associates work part-time hours, though management positions traditionally come with full-time schedules. The ability to work a flexible schedule built around the staffing needs of the service station often influences hiring decisions for the following jobs:

Sales Associate

  • Entry-level sales associates mainly perform duties related to customer satisfaction, housekeeping, merchandising, and selling.
  • The job involves greeting and assisting customers, operating cash registers to process sales, preparing and stocking food items and other merchandise, updating displays and signage as necessary, and maintaining the overall condition of each gas station.
  • Sales associates also handle restricted products, like alcohol and cigarettes, and remain responsible for verifying the ages of customers attempting to purchase such items.
  • Prospective associates need to possess previous customer service experience.
  • Kangaroo Express also prefers to hire applicants with high school diplomas and prior experience using a cash register or point of sale system.
  • The gasoline retailer pays sales associates up to $9.00 an hour, with most workers earning roughly minimum wage to start.

Maintenance Associate

  • Another entry-level job, the position of maintenance associate largely consists of janitorial responsibilities.
  • On a typical workday, maintenance associates sweep and mop floors, dust walls and ceilings, clean windows, and take out trash.
  • The job also entails the completion of routine maintenance procedures, such as changing light bulbs, hanging signs, installing shelves, and repairing equipment.
  • Maintenance associates take responsibility for keeping the grounds of the service station in good condition, as well.
  • The operation of motorized equipment and power tools represents a major component of maintenance associate jobs.
  • Prospective employees therefore need to possess knowledge of standard maintenance tools, machinery, and processes.
  • Hourly pay for maintenance positions tends to remain on par with the typical wages of sales associate jobs.


  • Kangaroo Express hires experienced workers to serve as assistant and store managers and ensure profitable business operations.
  • Managers work as a team to complete tasks related to customer satisfaction, employee recruitment and development, operational standards, and financial accountability.
  • The management team analyzes performance reports and develops action plans, implements sales promotions, maintains inventory levels, and delegates daily jobs to sales associates.
  • Additional job duties include hiring, training, and motivating entry-level workers to achieve consistently high standards of customer service.
  • Candidates for management positions must meet several requirements to gain hiring consideration.
  • Applicants should hold high school diplomas, valid driver’s licenses, and previous work experience in retail or food service.
  • Store manager jobs often go to candidates with an associate’s degree or better, as well.
  • Managerial pay scales vary by job title.
  • Assistant managers typically earn between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour, while store managers usually make about $40,000 in annual salary.

Tips For Applying

Applying for Kangaroo Express jobs requires the candidate to visit the company website and search for available positions from the Careers tab at the top of the page. The application process takes about 15 or 20 minutes to complete and begins with the creation of a new user profile. After completing the application, company hiring officials evaluate the submitted information and invite qualified candidates to take an online assessment within 24 to 48 hours of reviewing the employment form. Demonstrating fulfillment of all minimum hiring requirements typically ensures an invitation to the assessment phase of the application process. Indicating open or flexible schedule availability often helps applicants advance through the hiring process, as well.

Application Status

Candidates applying to work for the Southeastern fuel retailer may check the status of completed applications by logging back in to the company Careers website. Upon logging in, job seekers may ascertain the current status of all positions applied for. Furthermore, Kangaroo Express sends email notifications to all applicants not selected to interview. Candidates may also investigate application status by calling or visiting the gas station personally.

Benefits of Working at Kangaroo Express

Kangaroo Express cares for employees and offers exceptional benefits packages to qualified associates. Available health benefits include flexible spending accounts as well as:

  • Medical
  • Dental, and
  • Vision plans

The regional chain of service stations also provides eligible workers with access to basic:

  • Life insurance
  • Paid holidays and vacation time
  • Employee assistance programs, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans with company match

Additional Information on Kangaroo Express

Each fuel station in the Kangaroo Express chain features a variety of products and services in addition to gasoline. The fuel retail chain offers assorted food and beverages ranging from Bean Street Coffee to meals on the go. More than 200 locations also contain onsite restaurants operating under some of the most recognizable banners in the quick-service industry. In fact, the gasoline retail company ranks as the fifth-largest franchisee of Subway restaurants in the world and also serves as an independent owner of well-known burger, chicken, and pizza franchises.


  • LaTisha Hemingway says:

    Other than the military working for this company was one of the best jobs I’ve had thus far. I enjoyed the people I worked with and the customers were amazing. When I see a few time to time they always ask me when am I coming back. At the time I worked for this company I was doing the Assistant Manager’s duties because she wasn’t doing it the right way. The manager and I grew to have a great business relationship because she could always depend on me. I would recommend this company to anyone who is seeking employment.

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