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Founded in 1882, Kansas City Power and Light creates jobs for both entry-level professionals and experienced, career-minded individuals. Work seekers find employment options with the corporation in Kansas and Missouri. The power company supplies electricity to over 45 counties.

Facts About Working at Kansas City Power And Light

Minimum Age to Work at Kansas City Power And Light: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kansas City Power And Light?)

Kansas City Power And Light Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Kansas City Power And Light: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Tax Analyst, Accountant, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Welder, General Technician, General Mechanic, General Electrician

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Kansas City Power and Light Employment Opportunities

Job openings remain in high abundance with Kansas City Power and Light, or KCP&L, as the company service area covers roughly 18,000 square miles. Urban and rural areas throughout the region house families and businesses, which depend on the electricity supplied as a result of the continuous efforts of utility workers. Administrative professionals and skilled tradespersons enjoy plentiful opportunities for work with the energy corporation. In addition, entry-level employment seekers find various listings with the company and may start earning valuable experience and competitive pay scales.

Employees of KCP&L benefit from company commitment to safe work environments. Workers adhere to safety regulations and gain access to crucial resources at any time to avoid unnecessary risks The Equal Opportunity Employer also cultivates workplaces largely free of prejudice and persecution. Applicants to the company face no discrimination on basis such as race, gender, or veteran status.

Kansas City Power and Light Jobs and Salary Options

Applicants must stand 18 years of age to submit an application to the company as jobs often prove hazardous. Interested individuals generally must also possess at least high school diplomas or GED equivalents to obtain work through KCP&L. The power supplier regularly employs workers in the following positions:

Customer Service Representative

  • Customer service representatives directly support patron needs and inquiries through phone and web resources.
  • Communication skills remain essential to effective job performance.
  • Employees must patiently and attentively listen to customer needs and provide informed and helpful solutions.
  • Though jobs do not carry excessive hiring requirements, applicants with backgrounds in customer service or experience in the energy industry enjoy better chances of hire.
  • Employees generally earn upwards of $10.00 per hour.

Line Installer/Repairer

  • Line workers install and repair primary, secondary, and lateral electrical lines.
  • Workers frequently use testing equipment and tools to compete tasks.
  • Safety remains a top priority for employees, as laborers must conduct repairs from dangerous heights and risk electrocution from powerful wires.
  • Applicants usually need commercial driver’s licenses to gain field positions with KCP&L.
  • Physical strength, teamwork skills, and mechanical aptitudes also prove vital qualifications for line repairer jobs.
  • Annual salary options typically hover around $50,000.

Tips For Applying

Work seekers may increase chances for hire by paying attention to KCP&L traditions and policies. Wear business attire to office visits and interviews to show respect for company culture. Highlighting previous experience in the utilities industry through well-constructed resumes or references from prior employers may greatly improve hiring prospects for applicants. Though online options remain available for particular job opportunities, applying in person allows candidates to inquire directly about a variety of entry-level positions.

Application Status

Job seekers should remain professional and diligent when following up on completed applications. Calling staffing personnel largely proves effective in finding out the status of submitted hiring forms or obtainable positions. Polite queries generally receive quick and informative answers and demonstrate interest and professionalism. Show consideration for peak business hours and employee responsibilities to avoid pestering management during important work duties.

Benefits of Working at Kansas City Power and Light

KCP&L supports employee wellness and financial stability through competitive employment benefits programs. Job benefits include medical, dental, and life insurance coverage as well as education assistance and childcare reimbursement. Associates may take paid time off of work for vacations, select holidays, and personal days. The company also offers employees access to 401(k) retirement plans. Perks may apply to immediate family and dependents of workers, as well.

More Details on Kansas City Power and Light

Environmental consciousness remains a major priority for Kansas City Power and Light. The company explores renewable energy options, including solar, wind, and nuclear power. Though coal-fired plants still stand as the primary method of electricity generation for the business, KCP&L strives for a mix of balanced energy sources. The energy company also promotes clean air quality and habitat preservation through greener practices.

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