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As the leading specialty retailer of jewelry in the United States, Kay Jewelers takes pride in providing each customer with a fulfilling shopping experience. The jeweler creates superior customer experiences by hiring sociable workers and training employees to provide consistently excellent service.

Facts About Working at Kay Jewelers

Minimum Age to Work at Kay Jewelers: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kay Jewelers?)

Kay Jewelers Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 12:00pm-5:00pm

Available Positions at Kay Jewelers: Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Part-Time Jeweler, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Marketing Specialist, Service Technician, Credit Strategy Analyst, Account Representative, Labor Scheduling Analyst, Bilingual Collection Representative, Sales Training Manager, Operations Support Analyst, Inventory Analyst, Planner, Buyer, Inventory Control Specialist, Financial Analyst, , Pricing Coordinator

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Kay Jewelers Job Opportunities

Employee training and development represents a significant commitment Kay Jewelers makes to new hires and longtime associates alike. The jewelry retailer equips newly hired sales associates with the knowledge necessary for assisting customers and regularly offers experienced workers opportunities for professional development. Employees from all areas of the company take advantage of classroom training, professional certification programs, and leadership development initiatives. The various training programs, which also include individual mentoring for selected associates, help prepare entry-level workers for promotions to leadership positions and management careers.

Advancement opportunities tend to arise frequently, as Kay Jewelers remains fully committed to training associates extensively and promoting employees internally. The jewelry retail chain offers a versatile yet clearly defined career path beginning with the entry-level position of sales team member and culminating with potential opportunities for corporate employment. In between, assistant manager and general manager positions frequently become available to experienced employees at the store level. Under the authority of management, each store location employs a team of entry-level sales associates and needs to hire new workers when current team members accept promotions or otherwise move on to other jobs.

Kay Jewelers Positions and Salary Information

In addition to generating opportunities for professional development and advancement, Kay Jewelers jobs regularly put employees in situations calling for social interaction with customers and active collaboration with coworkers. The jewelry retail chain promotes teamwork among store associates and maintains a positive work environment by consistently offering employee recognition and other rewards. Each of the following popular positions comes with a minimum age for employment of 18:

Sales Team Member

  • As members of the sales team, entry-level store associates take responsibility for understanding the needs and objections of customers in order to encourage the purchase of jewelry and related merchandise.
  • The major job duties of sales team members include recommending and showing pieces of jewelry to customers, providing detailed information on product features and benefits, and keeping display cases clean and fully stocked.
  • Sales team members also act as cashiers.
  • In addition to demonstrating comprehensive product knowledge on a regular basis, sales associates must promote conveniences like extended service plans and financing options.
  • The job rarely demands previous experience, as Kay Jewelers extensively trains employees how to properly use sales techniques and related skills.
  • However, candidates with prior sales or customer service experience, particularly in the jewelry retail industry, often gain advantages over less experienced workers applying for team member jobs.
  • Sales team members typically earn between $9.00 and $11.00 in hourly pay.


  • Composed of one or more assistant managers and headed by a store manager, management teams focus the job performances of entry-level associates and ensure the overall satisfaction of customers at each Kay Jewelers location.
  • Typical managerial duties involve setting and achieving goals related to sales and profits, interviewing and hiring new employees, training and evaluating store associates, and creating invigorating work environments centered on collaboration and customer satisfaction.
  • Managers also work behind the scenes to complete administrative tasks like creating employee schedules, analyzing expense reports and other paperwork related to the financial stability of store operations, and keeping track of inventory.
  • Aspiring managers generally earn employment via internal promotion or by gaining managerial experience in a similar retail environment.
  • Pay scales range from about $14.00 or $15.00 an hour for assistant managers to $45,000 or more in annual salary for store managers.

Tips For Applying

The application process consists of a Virtual Job Tryout, which candidates access from the Careers link found at the bottom of the company website. Composed of three different sections, the Virtual Job Tryout takes about an hour to complete and starts by asking for responses to specific situations commonly encountered while working in a jewelry store. Applicants should respond to the situations by thinking like the employer and considering the most effective actions a store associate or manager would take to make a sale or satisfy a customer. The rest of the online tryout focuses on the work histories of candidates and other personal information necessary to complete the application.

Application Status

Kay Jewelers typically only contacts applicants selected to advance in the hiring process. In the interim between applying and receiving contact from the jewelry retailer, waiting candidates may want to check on the statuses of submitted applicationa by calling or visiting the applicable store and speaking with a manager. Applicants choosing to follow up at the store should dress the part of a seller of fine jewelry. The retail chain also keeps applications on file for a year and often considers previous candidates for employment as suitable jobs become available.

Benefits of Working at Kay Jewelers

Committed to ensuring the health and happiness of associates throughout the company, Kay Jewelers offers a total rewards package featuring medical and financial benefits. Available medical benefits include:

  • Healthcare and dental coverage
  • Prescription drug programs and vision care
  • While potential financial opportunities range from performance-based pay raises, and
  • Bonuses to 401(k) retirement plans and employee stock purchase programs.

Eligible workers also enjoy vacation time, paid time off and holidays, and generous discounts on merchandise.

Additional Information on Kay Jewelers

Founded in 1916, Kay Jewelers boasts over 900 stores across the United States. Before deciding to focus exclusively on jewelry, the nationwide retail chain initially specialized in a variety of goods, such as electric razors, eyeglasses, kitchen appliances, music boxes, radios, and silverware. The company operates as a subsidiary of Sterling Jewelers. Along with parent company Signet Jewelers, the two retail conglomerations ranks as the largest specialty retailer of jewelry in the world. With ample resources and a widely recognized brand name, Kay Jewelers serves as a prominent sponsor of various philanthropic causes. The jewelry retailer partners with the American Diabetes Association and Jewelers For Children, in addition to ranking among the largest corporate supporters of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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