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KBR features diverse opportunities for work in the construction industry. The company utilizes an extensive global workforce of more than 27,000 employees, with operations spanning over 70 countries. Job seekers enjoy access to a vast selection of entry-level, skilled, and professional careers.

Facts About Working at KBR Construction

Minimum Age to Work at KBR Construction: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at KBR Construction?)

KBR Construction Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at KBR Construction: Clerical/Administrative Assistant, Laborer, Contracts Administrator, Subcontracts Administrator, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Business Development Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Foreman, Construction Manager, Construction Engineer, Technician, Fire Protection Specialist, Human Resources Generalist, Knowledge Content Manager, Project Controls/Estimator, Project Manager, Operations Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

KBR Construction Job Opportunities

Construction, engineering, defense, and resource procurement remain primary sources of business for KBR. The company constantly trains new workers for related labor to meet client demands. Food service positions also stand available on sites featuring dining options for employees. Administrative and marketing jobs exist for qualified professionals at corporate locations. Logistics and maintenance work often proves obtainable, as well. The diversity of company operations ensures continuous work options for employment hopefuls.

KBR needs to onboard skilled employees to keep up with expansive business contracts. The company performs job duties on six continents. Labor performance standards remain high, as the corporation boasts a legacy of high-quality work. Employees often face strict deadlines and margin for error proves minimal. However, candidates with superior motivations and work ethics largely fare well with the contractor. Aspiring workers may apply with the company to begin lucrative and fulfilling careers while gaining valuable experience.

KBR Construction Jobs and Salary Options

The construction contractor brings in new applicants with draws such as attractive employment benefits and advancement opportunities. Job seekers must stand at least 18 years of age to apply, as KBR often staffs workers in potentially dangerous environments, such as hard-hat areas in developing countries. The company hires for the following construction jobs on a regular basis:


  • Helpers labor under the direction of journeymen.
  • Work duties vary by trade, as helpers commonly assist skilled employees in particular disciplines.
  • Entry-level construction aspirants may find jobs with the company in fields such as painting, pipefitting, and electrical work.
  • Advancement opportunities open up to workers with experience.
  • KBR prefers to hire candidates with high school diplomas.
  • After completing mandatory on-the-job training, helpers may begin earning up to $10.00 per hour or more.


  • Laborers carry out important basic functions on construction jobsites.
  • Setting up work areas, preparing and maintaining tools and equipment, and following instructions prove common parts of laborer positions.
  • Workers typically bear cleanup and housekeeping responsibilities, as well.
  • Employees work under jobsite managers performing other necessary duties, as required.
  • Candidates should possess above-average physical dexterities and consistently uphold workplace safety regulations.
  • Hourly wages for laborers hover around $10.00.

Tips For Applying

Previous experience in the construction trades strongly benefits applicants. Physical strength remains crucial for work, as labor frequently requires heavy lifting and strenuous exertion. Candidates in good shape consistently fare better in applying to the company, as stamina also proves essential. Work days consist of long periods of standing, stooping, bending, and manual actions. For positions requiring specialized skillsets, applicants may need prior training, certifications, or even degrees. In most cases, job hopefuls must apply online or through employee referrals to obtain employment with KBR.

Application Status

Job seekers may call or submit email queries to check on submitted applications. Persistent follow up shows hiring managers interest and motivation to obtain positions. Though some employees report short onboarding processes, many applicants wait weeks or even months to receive final decisions from KBR. Remain focused and professional in inquiries to the company while exercising patience.

Benefits of Working at KBR Construction

KBR regularly provides competitive job benefits packages to full-time workers. The company offers health coverage plans typically including:

  • Medical,
  • Dental,
  • Vision, and life insurance.
  • Eligible employees also gain access to 401(k) retirement plans, pensions, and stock purchase options.

Paid time off through the corporation generally includes vacation days, holidays, and sick leave. Other employment benefits, such as childcare assistance, flexible labor schedules, free lunches at work, and discounted mobile phone plans, prove common for associates, as well.

More Details on KBR Construction

Previously a subsidiary of Halliburton, the company became an independent entity in 2006. Business practices center on the use of renewable and reusable energy sources. KBR reduces pollution through waste and emissions, as well. Dedicated company engineers identify and make use of environmentally friendly technologies. The corporation also fosters sustainability awareness through consciousness-raising events, like Earth Day-related programs. Headquarters stand in Houston, TX.


  • Christopher Battle says:

    I have worked for this company for 5 years and would like to make a carrier.

  • Christopher Presley says:

    I was working in Tuscaloosa with KBR at Phillip 66 we was Installing conduit, pulling wire, Installing cable tray, Terminating Instruments, grounding as well bending conduit cutting strut to make supports for conduit and cable tray, terminating transformers as well making sure housekeeping was excellent and following safety procedures to get the job done working safe

  • kiwanuka Erick says:

    I’m interesting to work as project control

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