KBR Construction Interview Questions & Tips

Interview Procedure

An international employer of roughly 27,000 workers in more than 70 countries, KBR Construction handles the constant recruiting and interviewing of employees in order to replace departing associates and hire talent to work on various projects worldwide. Applicants selected to partake in the interview process typically start out with introductory phone screenings followed by one or two rounds of onsite interviews. Job interviews sometimes include physical evaluations, especially for candidates seeking field labor positions. Candidates also remain subject to drug tests and background checks.

Types of Interviews

Hiring managers often like to begin the KBR Construction interview by asking potential employees to share what they know about the company already. Applicants should prepare for such questions by learning company operations and notable projects or achievements prior to speaking with hiring personnel. Phone interviews may also serve as a brief overview of the desired job, with interviewees often enjoying the opportunity to ask questions about the position in order to gauge interest and fit. Interviewers frequently use initial phone screenings to learn more about the overall candidacies of job seekers by eliciting summaries of employment history and related skills by requesting questions such as, "Tell me a little bit about yourself."

Questions to Expect

Candidates chosen to meet with KBR Construction hiring managers in-person regularly field behavioral interview questions requiring the recollection of past experiences. Interviewers often give prompts like, "Tell me about a time when you had to solve a difficult problem," to see whether applicants possess certain skills necessary for performing on the job. "Describe a time when you made an improvement to a construction project," and "Tell me about the project you most/least enjoyed," represent other behavioral interview questions obliging candidates to consider past jobs when responding. Interviews may also feature technical questions to make sure prospective workers know about basic construction and engineering concepts.


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