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Kelly Services focuses recruitment efforts on education, financing, government, healthcare, engineering, law, and science-related job opportunities. Applicants looking for short-term contract work should contact the temp service agency for availabilities.

Facts About Working at Kelly Services

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kelly Services?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Kelly Services Job Opportunities

The staffing firm regularly utilizes creative, motivated, and dedicated individuals to fulfill client recruitment needs. Jobs available historically include positions in corporate office settings. Workers may also find temp service employment in the form of work-from-home opportunities. The company often uses referrals to outsource for short-term contract employees, as well. Kelly Services may place applicants into jobs immediately or take a couple of weeks to find suitable employment for candidates, depending on the needs of affiliate firms.

Domestic job seekers benefit greatly from Kelly Services employment resources. The staffing firm maintains operations solely within the United States and exclusively outsources U.S. jobs. The temp service company works as quickly as possible to place individuals into positions of interest with exceptional pay. Applicants typically encounter the most success using the agency to source for work in scientific fields, although part-time and full-time temporary opportunities remain readily available in a variety of job markets.

Working as a Kelly Services Temp Service Employee

Each position offered through Kelly Services provides varying employment settings and specific sets of responsibilities. Applicants in search of creative careers in design or graphic arts may encounter jobs involving deadlines with more relaxed hours than entry-level customer service jobs or government work. The company website serves as an employment hub for job seekers to apply directly online without the need for in-person interviews to assess abilities. The temp service agency also uses phone interviews to place workers into jobs. Some positions, like employment in management or information technology, may require testing on certain professional skills. Examinations of abilities usually take place on location at official branch offices.

Pay and General Expectations

Applicants often assume jobs with varying durations using the temp service agency. Some companies only need individuals to assume brief roles to help finish projects, while others may need contract associates on staff for a year or more. Temp-to-hire positions, which culminate in full job offers upon completion of the agreed contract duration, also stand in ready abundance through Kelly Services. Pay scales range from entry-level hourly rates starting at $8.00 to $9.00 and ranging up to $50,000 to $60,000 annually for outsourced managers hired on to contracts lasting longer than one year. Positions with contract-to-hire stipulations and jobs with managerial or corporate responsibilities may carry employment benefits in addition to annual salary options. Companies regularly offer healthcare coverage and other insurance options for qualified temp service workers as well as floatable 401(k) retirement plans. Incentives and bonus plans, including potential employment opportunities, may also stand available through some employers.

Tips For Applying

Using the internet to look for temp service jobs via Kelly Services represents the quickest way to find employment in desired fields. Applicants simply log on to the company home page and click on the scroll-down tab in the center of the screen under the Find A Job heading. The navigable online process allows individuals to narrow search results using key terms and target search areas. Applicants may also indicate language preferences. Filling out the data fields with the appropriate information brings back lists of related results tailored to each individual search. Candidates then select jobs of interest and click Submit Resume to express interest in specific positions.

Application Status

After submitting resumes, candidates may receive callbacks regarding employment opportunities in as little as two or three days. Workers may hear about job vacancies by email, as well. In most instances, Kelly Services personnel invite applicants to attend in-person interviews to better determine fits for certain positions during callbacks or in initial email responses. During the initial contact about specific job postings, recruiting agents may make applicants aware of similar positions in related industries. If enough time passes without hearing from the staffing agency regarding any position, workers may choose to call the firm to inquire about employment postings and to further express interest in temp service jobs.

Benefits of Working At Kelly Services

While the staffing agency focuses on placing workers in temporary jobs, professional objectives also include hiring on personal staff to maintain operations at branch locations. Jobs stand readily available in both entry-level capacities and full-time professional careers. Kelly Services associates enjoy competitive pay scales and may qualify for employee benefits packages. Time off, life insurance, healthcare options, and 401(k) retirement plans remain available to eligible associates.

More Details on Kelly Services

Environmental sustainability remains an integral part of Kelly Services operations. The staffing agency places social responsibility and ecological stewardship at the forefront of corporate governance. Efforts include complying with health and safety regulations set forth by government agencies and placing high expectations on employee performances for both outsourced job seekers and company staff. The company upholds a program called Absolute Zero, which refers to zero accidents, illnesses, or injuries while on the job regarding public health and safety and the wellbeing of the environment as well as associates staffed and employed by the agency.


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    I’ve been hearing that Kelly is the best recruiting agency. I believe that someday i’ll find a job from Kelly, and I will be able to talk good about Kelly.

  • Bobbie Veasey says:

    Yes I work for Kelly service before, they are a really good service to work for the staff member are very helpful and friendly.

  • Cheryl Watts says:

    I worked for Kelly Services back in the 80’s and it was a great experience. The fact that they are still around and going strong says a lot to me!

  • Darlene Zamora says:

    I utilized Kelly’s Services about 15 years ago. I worked in production, electronic assembly and stocking .

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