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KFC pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the KFC Application

Specializing in fried chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, boasts approximately 19,000 locations. Interested job seekers may join the team of thousands by submitting paper applications to the nearest location. The printable form serves as an alternative to submitting an online application and allows individuals opportunities to meet the on-duty manager at the time of submission. Once an applicant completes the form entirely, the candidate may arrive at outlets and request a moment of time from the hiring manager. Frequently, impressive application forms with well-mannered and appropriately dressed aspirants result in immediate interviews.

Making First Impressions

First impressions stand imperative given the large amount of applicants for each job title. Job hunters should arrive during slower periods, normally outside of lunch and dinner hours, and possess a well-written application free of errors. Ideally, applicants should bypass handing the form to an entry-level worker and aim to speak directly with the hiring leader. In the case a job hopeful acquires an on-the-spot interview, the individual should prepare to discuss previous experience, fit for the company, and knowledge about the products offered at KFC.

How to Fill out the KFC PDF Application

Potential employees download the PDF and print out the form. Some candidates may want to print out a few copies to prepare for mistakes. Aspirants should take as long as necessary to construct legible, detailed, and error-free hiring requests. Pen remains the ideal writing instrument to fill in the documents, with whiteout the only alternative to starting over given mistakes. All blank spaces should receive answers, unless certain questions prove unrelated to the job title or applicant.

“Personal Information”
The application process begins with providing personal information. Questions touch on basic details such as full name, preferred name, current address, Social security number, and both home and cell phone numbers. Candidates must then check a box confirming age over 18. If under 18, aspirants should specify age in the provided blank. The section then requests the job title of interest, i.e. team member, shift supervisor, assistant unit manager, or restaurant general manager. Job hopefuls should also indicate previous employment with KFC, A&W, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, or Taco Bell. Lastly, if referred by a KFC employee, the job hunter should list the name of the associate.

Following Personal Information, the next section touches directly on the hours and days a prospective team member stands accessible. The first question allows hopefuls to input the number of hours requested each week along with desired wages per hour. Moving onward, the application form requires aspirants to identify start dates, if chosen for employment. A simple chart appears underneath and maintains a vertical column of From and To and a horizontal row of Monday through Sunday. Individuals should enter the start and end times for each day available. Ideal contenders possess flexible scheduling and mark nearly open availability. KFC adds a disclaimer stating religious holidays and beliefs receive special consideration when making schedules.

“Work History”
After work availability, the form asks about previous employment by leaving spaces for two former employers. Advisably, aspirants start with the most recent or current job title and try to include relevant facts only. Blank spaces request the inclusion of company names, addresses, phone numbers, last wages, start and end dates, and reasons for leaving. Recruiters also seek permission to contact the employers as a references, the names of former supervisors, and the positions the applicant held. The same section provides a space for one reference, either from work or school, which KFC may contact.

“Background and Agreement”
The last page of the application form completes the process by questioning the background of the candidate and providing a legal agreement. The career hopeful should indicate if convicted of a crime involving violence, sex, stalking, minors, theft, fraud, robbery, drugs, or property damage within the last seven years. Next, individuals mark if able to show legal proof of ability to work in the United States. Certain states remain exempt from requiring contenders to answer the background questions.

An official terms agreement follows after the background inquiries, including a short description of common legal practices. Items covered include the corporate at-will employer policy, information of the drug-free work environments. All information must stand correct at time of completion. The last step in the process leaves potential workers with the responsibility of signing and dating application forms.