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Hiring process information for an interview at Kentucky Fried Chicken

How to Get a Job at KFC

One of the most widespread fast food chains in the world with more than 18,000 restaurants in around 120 countries, KFC serves as an ideal place to find entry-level work or managerial careers. Potential employees may submit requests for employment consideration online or in-person to multiple restaurant locations at a time. Job seekers looking for more advanced careers, like management positions or corporate roles, may also need to submit resumes, cover letters, and other documents displaying past work experiences.

Number of Interviews

Although hotly sought-after for potential work, KFC jobs generally only require a single interview for hiring consideration. During the Kentucky Fried Chicken interview process, applicants spend about 35 to 45 minutes in each session. Cooks and team member workers take on interview questions related to food preparation, handling money, sanitation, and customer service. Some locations may implement two interviews for cooks, but the general protocol for most KFC restaurants includes a single hiring session.

Entry-level Question Prep

A common interview question a prospective cook might field includes: "What are your expectations of working for KFC?" Hiring managers may generate interview questions for team member applicants in the vein of: "How many hours are you looking to work?" and "Can you provide an example of a time when you have helped others in the past?"

Managerial Hiring Process

The KFC hiring process for managers requires roughly the same number of interviews as entry-level jobs. The only difference in entry-level hiring and managerial selections often rests in the interview formats used. KFC hiring representatives may use panel interview formats to screen for potential managers, in addition to traditional 1:1 formats. Instances of panel interviews generally befall workers in the running for assistant manager or restaurant manager jobs. Managerial candidates may respond to KFC interview questions regarding dedication, responsibility, delegation of daily tasks, and overall fast food restaurant operations. Other questions may ask how individuals deal with adversity from customers and coworkers or how to handle stressful situations.

What to Wear

Applicants should dress accordingly for the KFC interview process. Business-casual dress proves appropriate in most cases; however, managerial candidates should consider wearing formal attire, like suits and ties or professional dresses.

Onboarding Timeline

Callbacks for applicants may take anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the number of other candidates for the job. Kentucky Fried Chicken holds applicant information on file for extended periods of time, and regularly hires from existing applicant pools if new vacancies open in the future.

KFC Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
KFC Employee: My job title at KFC was the extra crispy chicken cook. I worked the closing shift. So, every night when we closed, I would clean all the dishes from day shift, plus my dishes, and mix the chicken seasoning so it was ready to go in the morning.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
KFC Employee: The work environment was clean to work in because we’re working with food. Everything’s in tip-top shape. People in the front couldn’t go back to the kitchen area or they couldn’t touch certain things, so there was no cross-contamination of any kind of food bacteria from any uncooked meat. It was a friendly environment. We got along with each other when I worked there.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
KFC Employee: It was fun. We would always have fun, then go and meet up and have fun after work, as well.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
KFC Employee: The application and interview process at Kentucky Fried Chicken is relatively simple. You walk in, fill out your application, then they’ll call you in for a one-on-one interview and they’ll ask you several questions. You basically have to sell yourself to them. Don’t show any signs of nervousness because lots of employers will look for that. If you’re going to be nervous in front of them, then you’ll be nervous in front of other people, too. So, you got to be mellowed out. Then, they conduct a group orientation process at a KFC where you watch safety videos, training videos, and they pass out your uniforms.

Interviewer: What should an applicant wear to the job interview?
KFC Employee: The applicant shouldn’t wear torn jeans or greasy clothing. You got to present yourself as a clean person.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
KFC Employee: They asked me what my life goals were, what I planned on doing with my life.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
KFC Employee: The advice I could give someone would be to be themselves. Don’t try to overdo it, and whatever questions they ask you, answer them in all honesty. They should be able to get hired.

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30 user comments:

  1. Crystal

    What can i expect?
    What should i wear?

  2. Justin

    You can expect questions about your life, school, jobs you had, and much more. A shirt and a tie are good enough I think…

  3. Alan Barbosa

    Well, first of all, wear nice clothes for the interview, this helps a lot to leave a first good impression. Also focus on answer all questions on a positive way, try to show them your good qualities. Thats my advice. good luck!

  4. Deon

    so if i wear a dress shirt n a tie with some jean would that be good

  5. amy

    this is myt first job interview and im really nervous. What should i expect?

  6. big bob

    do they drug test

  7. Megan

    a dress shirt and tie are good, but jeans are not. No matter what place you are interviewing at, you should always dress business casual — do not wear jeans or tennis shoes. You’ll have a MUCH better chance of getting the job!
    first interviews are a little scary, but as long as you have confidence in yourself there’s no reason to be nervous! You have to remember that the person interviewing you has been through the same thing before — they know how it feels and they won’t judge you for it. All you have to do is give it your all and answer the questions to the best of your ability, and you’ll be fine. Good luck!

  8. Tracy

    What if they say you acan call themm back is that a good thing.

  9. Emily

    What do you wear if you are a girl. Because I have an interview at 3:45pm today and this is going to be my first interview. Im not sure what to wear but. Can u please help??

  10. Jenn

    If you need to ask if they drug test..dont apply. Emily, you should wear a nice shirt and pants or a skirt. I wouldnt go super slutty though, it could give a bad impression. Wear something you would wear to your grandmothers funeral. Good Luck!

  11. lexaa

    is working at kfc a good job/ becuase it would be my first job and kinda nervous plus i need it, need the money to help out fam.

  12. Sarah

    I am currently an employee at KFC and have worked there a little over a year. To the interview, you do not have to wear anything too dressy. It is just a fast food interview, not something where you dress up everyday. At my KFC, they do not drug test. I don’t know about all of them, but I know it is not something you go through where I work. Pay has been 7.25 for me since I started, and they do not intend to raise it unless you get crosstrained in everything and take a test. You don’t really have to have an education to work there. You do get free food. Expect questions at the interview about when you would be avaliable and why. Also, expect questions about your work experience and what all you would be comfortable doing if you were hired. If they are interested, they will begin to ask you your uniform size and you more than likely have the job. Hope this helps!

    1. Allson

      I just got a job at KFC and I waiting for my uniform how long does that usaulay take

  13. Taylor

    Be prepared to answer questions about past jobs, the worst part of those jobs,
    , your good qualities, and sheet

  14. Tara

    I have an interview today at kfc, and it sounds like i dont need to really wear dress pants. I believe in all the interviews i have had so far that as long as you are decently covered up and not wearing “holy” jeans, you should be well off. I have had 3 jobs before, so in all my experience, i have learned that honesty is the best policy, and as long as you tell the truth about your availability and what your strengths and weaknesses are, you are ok. Also being honest about being fired previously is a must. ( I have to do this for myself-so far every place has understood.) Good luck to all, and don’t be afraid to say you work fast food. It’s better than being unemployed, and money is money no matter how much it is.

  15. Nay

    I have A interview tomarrow at K.F.C and im nervous even though I have had other interviews but out of all the interview only one job…The worst part for me is the interview questions becasue I dont know what to expect are what is a good enough answer for the person interviewing me can some one please give me a website are some advice about KFC interview questions… 🙁

  16. dreamer

    what do i say when they ask what are my strenghths and weaknesses. what do i wear

  17. anne

    im going bto kfc interview tommorow,for assistant manger position..so i just want to know,about the position..this is my firts interview… 🙂

  18. Bex

    I have been told to go to a recruitment day thing tomorrow in a restaurant close to the one that i would ideally work in, it’s for the two restaurants. I don’t really know whats gunna happen.. whether i’ll have an interview or what. Has anyone been to one of these before? i’m a bit nerrrrvous, first real interview. I hope I’ll be ok!

  19. Lilli

    Im going tomorrow as well, maybe we weill meet;) Good luck anyway.

  20. Kim

    I’m a 14 yea old girl and I just got a job at my local KFC yesterday! I had an interview last week and a second job interview yesterday (the second one is for if you don’t drive and to make sure your parents give consent as well as checking that they will be available to pick you up. But also because where I had applied there were 5 others who got a job interview too)
    I wore jeans and a nice blouse with ballet flats. I was asked about when
    I’d be available to work, how many hours I’d like a week, if I have any disabilities (this includes anxiety, depression etc..) and previous work experience. They also ask contact details, what school you go to etc, all the basic stuff really. Also they tell you stuff like what the job involves, how you can get a traineeship and what will happen next if you get through to the next round. Theres no need to be nervous because they try very hard to put you at ease right away and they’re very friendly. If the interviewer tells you an exact time or day they will call by then that’s a good sign but make sure you ask if they will still call you even if you don’t get the job. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t call back the time they said my interviewer called me 6 hours after the time he originally said. So yeah, it’s pretty easy really 🙂
    Just be yourself and have fun. Good luck.

  21. Jennifer

    KFC interview
    I am going on an interview at KFC, very soon and I am so nervous considering the type of questions they will ask at the interview, please someone give me a precise details..

  22. Joe

    I have worked for KFC for over one year, typically 34 to 35 hours a week. I get no benefits because they consider me a part time employee, however state law says if you work more than 30 hours you are full time. I still make only $8 an hour. It is a darn shame because KFC claims that they have excellent benefits. Other KFC managers have been asking me to work at their stores, but I have serious reservations about continuing work for a company that doesn’t keep it’s promises to it’s employees.

  23. Jp

    I’m nervous because tomorrow is my interview at KFC..wish me good luck

  24. Kayla Renee

    I’m a year 12 now and am looking for work. I have never worked before so i am pretty scared, i am going for my first interview and i don’t know what to wear any ideas ?? 🙂

  25. Chaunte'

    This message is for Kim, age 14 who got hired at KFC. my younger brother who is 14 also, is looking for a job. can you tell me where this KFC is located? Thank you

  26. Alexrydercarter

    What sort of questions should i consider asking the hiring manager ?
    I have my first interview tomorrow. I’ll tell you guys about it when I get home.

    Good luck to everyone…and relax 🙂

  27. adolph aydee

    lol it’s now 2012… i’m in a group of people who are about to be interviewed. ok i’m one of them. a lot of them are wearing jeans and t-shirts. i’m the only one wearing casuals and i don’t really feel comfortable. it’s like i’m in the wrong place at the wrong time… no sweat, i’m looking forward to this interview, my first one ever.

  28. jun

    I had an interview yesterday with KFC. It was a relaxed interview, however both the manager and assistant manager were there. They asked questions about how you handle pressure, school, hours, and how you would deal with different situations. I think it is important to talk about how you are good at teamwork.

  29. Petrus

    I would like to ask if are there any KFC job interviews contacted on Saturdays?


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