Kentucky Fried Chicken / KFC Manager

KFC Manager Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a KFC Manager Do?

KFC managers supervise entry-level employees, ensure customer satisfaction, and perform various administrative job duties. Applicants 18 and over may apply online for shift manager, assistant manager, and restaurant manager job titles.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities vary by position but generally include setting schedules, hiring and training new employees, answering telephones, and overseeing restaurant protocol. Other specific job duties include delegating work, taking inventory, and placing food orders. Training for KFC managers involves verbal and visual demonstration as well as hands-on instruction.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

Pay scales for KFC managers differ by position. Most managers at KFC earn a salary between $30k and $40k per year. Advancement opportunities exist for lower-level management, and experience gained may result in increased pay.

What Other Benefits Does KFC Offer?

KFC also offers managers and other qualified associates employment benefits packages at many locations. Job benefits may include 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare options, paid time off, insurance coverage, and discounted or free food and drinks.


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2 user comments:

  1. Sarah Ruple

    I work at kfc as an assistant manager. On salary, you have to work minimum 50 hours per week. You are eligible to get insurance. A second and third assistant can get halftime for any hours worked over 50. So that’s 4.50 an hour. A general manager or first assistant doesn’t get any money for working over 50 hours. I make $440 base pay a week. So my check is $880 every two weeks. Not including if i put in extra hours. I do NOT make as much as they are claiming on this website. I just wanted to clear this up. Maybe you could make this much, depending on your location. But trust me, managers do not make this much money.

  2. nikki gentry

    I have been at kfc for a year now. Started as a cashier within 3 months i was a shift manager for 5 months now I am assistant manager but i’m still making 7.25 an hour. Is this right?


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