Kiddie Academy Job Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Kiddie Academy

Pre-interview Steps

Job seekers looking to teach toddlers and pre-kindergarten children often find work at Kiddie Academy, a scholastic child care establishment. Candidates search for teaching jobs on the company website, which offers various openings in locations nationwide. Hiring procedures may vary by franchise, but applicants often begin the process by submitting resumes to the desired location via email. The facility director usually responds to qualified candidates within a day or two and schedules preliminary phone interviews.

Types of Interviews

During initial phone screenings, the director gathers basic information about applicant job history, associated experience, and necessary certifications. The director then sets up face-to face interviews with the best candidates.

How to Make a Good Impression

Impress hiring staff by arriving early and presenting a professional appearance. In the spirit of preparation, applicants should research company policies and other childcare industry-related standards prior to participating in the Kiddie Academy hiring process. Applicants with punctual and reliable qualities represent ideal candidates for teaching positions at Kiddie Academy. Demonstrate such attributes by arriving on time to each phase of the Kiddie Academy interview process.

Arrive Prepared

Bring any essential certification documents, such as teaching, CPR, and first aid certificates, for the hiring staff to review.

What Questions will the Interviewer Ask?

Job hopefuls may respond to practical or situational questions like:
  • What types of activities or exercises would you plan for a three year old?
  • How would you tend to a child who is crying hysterically?
  • What is your preferred style of teaching?

Expect Interactions with Children

Some directors put interviewees into classrooms to observe applicant interactions with children and discern teaching skills. Express desire for the position when given the opportunity and participate in each interview exercise willingly and enthusiastically.

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