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Kids Foot Locker pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Kids Foot Locker Application

The child-centric chain provides job seekers with opportunities to fill out paper applications in store, complete and submit online applications electronically, or download and manually hand in printable versions of the hiring forms at later dates. Applicants looking for additional time to complete each section of the Kids Foot Locker application should utilize the printable employment form available online. Taking extra time to complete the job applications allows workers to remain thorough, consistent, and accurate with information provided. The form also helps create a strong illusion of professionalism, which works in favor of candidates, by negating the possibility of messing up and needing to ask a manager for a new application.

Printing out and handing in Kids Foot Locker PDF applications also provide opportunities to speak with managers personally, which online methods of submitting documents electronically limit. Workers handing in printed documents may prepare questions to ask potential managers ahead of time and talk about at length during the in-person meetings necessary to submit the forms. Arrive during slower periods of business to avoid pulling managers away from daily responsibilities. Ask about subsequent steps in the hiring process and the best methods to follow up on available jobs. Other appropriate topics to inquire about include scheduling, advancement opportunities, and general expectations.

How to Fill out the Kids Foot Locker PDF Application

Hiring personnel historically prefer applicants to use blue or black ink when filling out the two-page document. The employment request serves as a general application for all Foot Locker brands. Job seekers need to correctly checkmark or bubble in the box next to Kids Foot Locker in order to specify the desired brand. Applicants should whiteout mistakes or simply reprint the forms to avoid unprofessional presentation of information in the event of making errors.

“Contact Information”
The first section on the printable Kids Foot Locker application asks for standard contact information, such as name, address, telephone number, type of work desired, email address, projected start date, indication of U.S. citizenship, and age verification over 18. Applicants under 18 must provide exact dates of birth.

Following general information about candidates, the section offers tables and data fields for applicants to denote availability (morning or evening) for each day of the week, willingness to relocate for training, minimum pay expectations, previous employment with Foot Locker brands, and criminal convictions, if applicable. If workers mark Yes to either of the last two questions, the job hopefuls must go into detail about each experience/conviction in the spaces provided. A final line asks about any bilingual abilities candidates may possess.

“Employment History”
Kids Foot Locker asks workers to provide details regarding employment histories for up to four past jobs. Beginning with the most recent position held and working back, job hopefuls need to list contact information, such as names and addresses, for each place of business, time spent with the company, starting and ending hourly pay or annual salary rates, reasons for leaving, names of immediate supervisors, and sign off granting the shoe store permission to contact the previous employers. Workers must also detail the former positions held in the lines provided at the bottom of each data field.

“Education Background”
A chart offering spaces for names, years attended, cities and states, school types, indication of graduation, degrees or diplomas earned, and types of course work comprises the Education Background section of the Kids Foot Lock printable PDF hiring form. Applicants must list any and all schools attended, including high school, college, and vocational schools. Workers with backgrounds at more than four schools may attach additional sheets of paper documenting personal academic credentials in similar fashions.

Job seekers must provide two references. The references must not include family members or friends and should remain professional, academic, or philanthropic in nature. Data fields for names, relationships, and years known appear on the employment forms. Applicants must also list the phone numbers and email addresses for references provided. Two final questions ask where candidates heard about available jobs and any other aliases assumed throughout individual professional careers.

The final portion of the downloadable application details hiring policies and special exemptions regarding statutes and limitations. Information touching on the legal rights of applicants in the face of dissemination of personal data also appears in the section. Signing and dating the hiring form at the bottom of the document certifies the information provided stands as accurate and truthful as possible. Workers must provide signatures and date the pages in order to finalize the printable hiring request.