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Employee-owned Kiewit Construction holds and operates various subsidiaries in several districts across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Job seekers adept and interested in the field may find numerous opportunities with the construction leader.

Facts About Working at Kiewit Construction

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kiewit Construction?)

Available Positions: Payroll Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Entry-Level Substation Engineer, Field Engineer, Assistant Business Manager, Entry-Level Mechanical Drafter, Scheduling Clerk, Leadership Development Intern, MTO Tech, Contruction Engineering Intern, Clerk, Craft Mechanical Superintendant, Accounts Payable Clerk, Quality Assurance Manager, Procurement Manager, Receiving Clerk, Vendor Surveillance Agent, Instrumentation and Controls Engineer, Accounts Payable Processor, Transportation and Logistics Manager, Accounting Technician, Estimator, Project Manager, Design Specialist, Eastern District Yardman, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Market Research Analyst, Maintenance Engineer, HR Coordinator, Site Administrator, Safety Supervisor, Surveyor, Tax Supervisor

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Kiewit Construction Job Opportunities

With corporate offices located in Omaha, NE, the company continues to experience growth since inception in 1884. Workers fill countless positions from administrative roles to onsite skilled trades. Kiewit maintains jobs in construction, mining, and engineering and consistently seeks out hardworking individuals who work well as part of teams, conduct business with integrity, and focus on high-quality production. Career-focused individuals with college educations and training in trades and craftsmanship may find roles in quality control, safety, field operations, and engineering.

The construction leader also needs entry-level workers to fill a variety of positions throughout the company. Working as day laborers and in various other on-the-job roles, each employee must demonstrate the capacity to perform in fast-paced environments, work in diversified environments, and enjoy routine physical activities. For most entry-level positions, applicants face minimal hiring requirements and do not necessarily need backgrounds in construction or further education, as Kiewit Construction trains employees thoroughly.

Positions and Salary Information for Kiewit Construction

Employees receive competitive wages and access to multiple employee benefits upon hire. Candidates excited about joining the construction company may fill out applications for the following readily available positions:


  • Laborers work on job sites preparing for upcoming builds.
  • Responsible for cleaning, unloading and loading of materials, tending machines, employees must provide assistance where necessary on construction sites.
  • Laborers must prove safety-minded, able to work in various weather conditions, and show good aptitudes and abilities to learn on the job.
  • A laborer typically earns around $14.00 an hour; however, proper training and learning of a skilled trade may bump wages up significantly.

Administrative Assistant

  • Generally earning between $17.00 and $18.00 an hour to start, an administrative assistant should prove proficient in various computer, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Responsible for ordering, tracking, and coordinating material deliveries, other duties may include maintaining reports, arranging meetings, and assisting with scheduling and planning.
  • Administrative assistants must also perform data entry, greet visitors, and keep accurate contact lists.
  • Employees should demonstrate the ability to work in fast-paced office environments and understand professional interaction while managing differentiated workloads on a daily basis.

Construction Technician

  • Construction technicians represent a step above laborers on the hierarchy of roles with Kiewit Construction.
  • Accountable for analyzing drawings and specifications in proposals and other documents, construction technicians must also prepare cost estimates, consult with vendors and subcontractors, and develop work orders on a need basis.
  • Earning hourly wages of around $19.00, employees work varied schedules including weekends, and should exemplify teamwork, organization, and self-starter attitudes.
  • Basic understanding of algebra and geometry may prove necessary in order to receive hiring consideration.

Tips For Applying

Interested candidates may apply via the company job portal online. After searching through available positions, applicants must click Apply Now in order to proceed. Job seekers build online profiles allowing for multiple application submissions. The portal allows for applicants to build profiles from scratch or by utilizing social media profiles available online. In order to expedite the process, gathering hiring materials ahead of time and ensuring accuracy may prove valuable.

Application Status

Employees cite various wait times to receive hiring feedback. Depending on the position applied for and hiring needs at the time of application submission, job seekers may wait anywhere from one to four weeks to receive offers for interviews. As the company remains spread across the United States and Canada, online applications prove the best way to contact hiring personnel. Check back with frequency to the company job portal to confirm application status, as the company updates available positions on the site with regularity.

Benefits of Working at Kiewit Construction

As an employee-owned company, Kiewit provides a variety of job benefits above competitive wages, paid trainings, and flexible scheduling. Every employee earns the potential to buy stock through the employee ownership plan.

  • Additionally, the construction leader offers exceptional savings plans, including company-matched 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Eligible employees also gain access to healthcare coverage, wellness benefits, and vision, dental, and prescription drug programs.
  • Other job benefits include paid time off, employee assistance programs, flex spending accounts, and relocation assistance.

Supplementary Information about Kiewit Construction

Kiewit Construction remains active throughout surrounding communities. As a leader in construction, the company routinely contributes to building affordable housing for need-based organizations. Additionally, the construction and mining company supports various organizations by raising funds to help end domestic violence, disabled and disadvantaged children, and in an effort to raise awareness for various life-threatening diseases. The company also conducts multiple seminars for interested parties in both career-development and technical aspects of the business across the country at universities and trade schools.

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