Kiewit Construction Interview Questions & Tips

Experience Helps

When participating in the Kiewit Construction hiring process, applicants best benefit from previous experience. The construction company regularly favors individuals with experience in related jobs.

Interview Type

Applicants typically meet with hiring personnel 1:1 in brief interview sessions and need to convey as much information and knowledge of the construction industry as possible in the shortened allotment of time. A single interview often suffices for employment; however, some workers may experience an additional interview before hire.

Inside the Interview

Take as much time as necessary to respond to each Kiewit interview question in a highly personable manner. To find the best fits, Kiewit interview questions like:

  • What are your personal passions?
  • What are major challenges you’ve overcome professionally?
  • What are your short-term/long-term goals?
  • Why are you interested in construction?

Interview questions unrelated to the construction industry often serve just as important of a role as industry-based Kiewit interview questions.

Things to Remember

Though screening for professional attributes, Kiewit Construction also values individuals able to mesh well with existing crews. Dressing well throughout the Kiewit Construction interview process also plays a vital role in gaining employment.

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