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Retail chain Kirkland's specializes in home decor and maintains stores in about 35 states throughout the U.S. Applicants looking for meaningful careers in part-time or full-time roles should refer to the popular retailer, which consistently hires new associates at over 320 locations.

Facts About Working at Kirkland's

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kirkland's?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Assistant Area Manager, General Area Manager, Graphic Artist, Database Administrator, Human Resources Manager, Network Security Engineer, Visual Merchandiser, Business Analyst, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, Software Engineer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Kirkland’s Job Opportunities

Diverse product lines and large store layouts require sizable teams of sales associates, customer service representatives, and stock workers at each location. Most Kirkland’s stores divide into multiple departments ranging from home furniture to bedroom and bathroom supplies and accessories. The retailer consistently hires applicants who demonstrate smiling, positive personalities and general knowledge of home decor and furnishings. Candidates must also enjoy teamwork and excel in positions reliant on others to carry out daily functions.

The typical retail work environments featured at Kirkland’s locations offer part-time and full-time options for employment. A majority of entry-level associates assume part-time schedules requiring night, weekend, and holiday hours upon hire. Tenured employees and workers in career managerial positions enjoy full-time scheduling capabilities. The retail chain promotes associates into management positions from within regularly. Upon hire, employees enjoy paid training and ongoing access to programs aimed at furthering associate careers.

Kirkland’s Employment and Salary Information

Available jobs require applicants to meet the minimum hiring age of 16 for employment consideration. Schedule flexibility and willingness to assume irregular hours may benefit prospective entry-level workers. Applicants exuding energetic and positive attitudes regularly qualify for the following job titles:

Team Member

  • Customer service ranks as the top priority for Kirkland’s team members.
  • The entry-level positions entail several customer service-related job duties in addition to stocking, merchandising, cashiering, and general maintenance responsibilities.
  • Physical requirements for the job title center on lifting 45lbs. comfortably, climbing ladders to retrieve stock, and routine bending and stooping to maintain sales floors.
  • Some related job experience proves useful during the hiring process.
  • Workers need only some high school education to gain employment.
  • A typical team member earns minimum wage upon hire.

Assistant Store Manager

  • Leading by example, motivating employees, training new-hires, and delegating daily tasks serve as primary functions of assistant store manager roles.
  • The position requires applicants to hold high school diplomas or equivalents, possess valid drivers’ licenses, and meet similar physical requirements imposed on entry-level workers.
  • Other hiring requirements include excellent data entry skills to record daily procedures and sales figures and the ability to work both independently and alongside store managers.
  • Part-time and full-time schedules remain available to assistant managers.
  • Average pay starts at $10.00 an hour and rises to $12.00 hourly with experience.

Store Manager

  • Associates in store manager positions oversee operations at retail locations.
  • The position requires two to five years of previous managerial experience, high school diplomas, strong written and verbal communication skills, and effective time management abilities.
  • Workers must also perform basic manual labor throughout shifts in addition to organizing work days, scheduling employees, and reporting sales and inventory to the company corporate offices.
  • Additional job duties include hiring, training, and coaching entry-level staff and managers.
  • The retail chain asks applicants to possess flexible schedules capable of accommodating 45 hours per week or more.
  • Holiday, night, and weekend shifts feature prominently in store manager schedules.
  • Valid driving permits and the ability to travel serve as basic requirements, as well.
  • With experience, store manager salary options reach in excess of $50,000 per year.

Tips For Applying

Role-play serves as a common method of screening candidates during the hiring process. Applicants sit with managers and answer hypothetical questions related to typical situations encountered on the job. To gain hire, workers may need to describe potential interactions with customers based on circumstances provided by management. Hiring personnel may ask applicants to mock-decorate or arrange merchandise, as well. Prior to the hiring process, prepare responses to questions revolving around customer disputes, merchandising, and teamwork with fellow employees. The online application process also includes brief questionnaires applicants should prepare general information for before filling out the online forms.

Application Status

Applicants typically receive confirmation emails immediately after submitting hiring forms online. However, the retailer may not contact eligible candidates to interview for months, depending on hiring needs. On average, Kirkland’s reaches out to potential hires within a week or so. Many workers report receiving faster turnaround on responses when submitting paper forms in person. Personal submission of employment materials often results in on-the-spot consideration for interviews or impromptu question-and-answer sessions with management. Following up on hiring documents, regardless of submission method, often proves beneficial to aspiring retail workers. The most effective methods of follow up include contact by telephone and email.

Benefits of Working at Kirkland’s

Over time, associates gain access to comprehensive job benefits packages. In addition to industry-competitive pay and flexible scheduling, Kirkland’s offers eligible:

  • Workers paid time off
  • Healthcare options, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Ongoing training and career development programs also remain available for motivated workers looking for long-term roles within the company.

More Information on Kirkland’s

The prominent retail chain looks beyond customer service and focuses attention on surrounding communities whenever possible. Philanthropy plays a major role in corporate governance and serves as a pillar in the company mission. Official partnerships with charities like Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Charley Foundation, and other local entities satisfy company needs for interaction with surrounding areas and enrich the lives of community members.

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