Knott’s Berry Farm Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm interviews job hunters for a variety of entry-level positions and professional careers. The Californian amusement park conducts a streamlined screening process for entry-level positions like haunt talent, food service, line control, and merchandise. Applicants undergo open interviews several days a year, and applicants who desire work at the theme park register for an interview through the company website.

The Initial Interview

Job hopefuls should arrive with completed hiring materials in-hand. During the initial interview, hiring staff review applicant resumes and hiring requests and then make decisions to follow-up with applicants based on the information provided.

Job Interview Questions

Eligible candidates typically move on from formal request to schedule interviews to group interviews held onsite in which Knott's Berry Farm recruitment personnel ask each candidate the same questions. Popular inquiries include:

  • How would you describe integrity and great customer service?
  • How would you help a child who couldn't find his/her parents?
  • How do you handle rude guests?

Important Tips

Enthusiastic and personable candidates stand out over applicants who exude apathetic or passive attitudes during the hiring process. Some positions require applicants to pass math skills assessments and drug tests. Knott's Berry Farm recruitment staff typically make hiring decisions on the same day of the interview.


  • Denise Navarro says:

    Step 1: you drop off your application step 2: you wait to be called step 3: quick interview they asked why I wanted the position, what was the most inportant thing about the job I answered the same aswers as some of the other persons that did get the second interview, its all about imprecion I guess I took time to put m outfit together the day before the interview, I was so ecsited to go and all I was told is that they would call me on friday, well good luck to all and to me, hope they call me back because I would love to work there.

  • Mac says:

    Applied twice with Knotts Berry Farm. First time no second interview for Security, Parking, Rides. Went again with a friend. Had same day second interview with group of 4 and we were all told they would call us. My friend applied for retail and it was her first interview, had second same day and handed an employee packet! Interviewer told me I was great..yet???

  • William Gilg says:

    Last week I went to apply for a singing position. The man was very nice and said they would call around the middle of the week for an audition. I sing a vast variety of types of music. I hope they’ll tell me what kind of music to audition with so I could prepare. Otherwise, I have a good feeling about getting hired. I’ve been singing for 50 years. I’m hoping that counts.

  • Lucy Carrillo says:

    Good comments. I feel you need to go into the interview with a pleasant and energetic attitue towards people and posses good people skills, or some customer service related experience. It takes the right personality to work well with people in public, and as a whole. You can be smart but you must have the right personality to mix well with the customers. Its a part of a great working environment.
    Also, dress to fit the part and be professional.


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