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What Should I Do With This Form?

Fill out the job application on this page by using the directions below. Once done, you can submit it at a nearby Kohl’s location. If you’d prefer, learn about applying online here. Also, use our page to search for jobs near you.

Benefits of Printing a Kohl’s Application

Kohl’s employs thousands of workers nationwide. The company seeks out applicants that know the store’s products, as well as fashion in general. Download the PDF from the image above to begin the application process.

A personable and professional candidate will show promise as an employee. Giving the application form to a Kohl’s hiring manager in person lets a job hopeful express these traits.

Personal Information & Desired Positions

The job application first needs a possible hire’s name, address, and phone number. There are two lines for both home and cell phones. Employers ask for any names an applicant has used in the past to ensure thorough work history checks. Candidates may then select a position for which to apply.


Kohl’s applicants submit a date to start working. Next, they fill out a chart with their daily availability. Two boxes on the right allow candidates to check for part-time or full-time work.


Job hopefuls mention if they have ever applied or worked with Kohl’s in the past. If so, they can put down previous locations as well as start and end dates. The application then asks for the potential hire’s age, and if he or she is eligible to work in the United States.

Employment History

Kohl’s applications have a table for listing four current or prior employers. Candidates first fill in the name and address of each company. After that, they list starting and ending dates, titles, and names of supervisors.

In the next columns, potential hires fill in their pay rates from previous jobs. Following this is a section where applicants can explain why they left. Under this table, there is a spot to note any periods of unemployment.

Drug Screening & Background

At the top of the second page, applicants may choose to agree to a pre-employment drug test. The application then asks about convictions or guilty pleas for any crimes. There is a line to add more details about a situation if necessary.

Waiver & Signature

Kohl’s application forms have disclaimers for job seekers to review before signing. Afterward, aspiring workers should assess the completed forms to ensure quality. Finally, applicants will hand these in to the desired store’s hiring manager.

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