Korean Air Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Korean Air

Company Background

Korean Air believes that greater workforce diversity leads to the greater ability to serve customers. With a focus on customer care, Korean Air interviews a huge array of management, corporate, and customer service prospects to staff various career opportunities. Bright, dynamic individuals focused on creative ideas, which will benefit the airline often turn Korean Air interviews into careers.

Korean Air Interviews

The Korean Air interview process may involve multiple sessions of phone, individual, and group/panel job interviews. Depending on career aspirations, candidates may need to participate in personality exams, background checks, and drug tests to earn employment consideration. Interview questions span numerous subject fields, such as customer service skills, education, work history, and schedule availability.

The Perfect Candidate

Before heading into the interview, applicants should understand what the airline looks for in employees. The airline maintains personal management principles of respect, integrity, and accountability. Showing personal alignment with these beliefs often helps candidates. Korean Air also seeks employees capable of proactive thinking. Applicants should look back to previous work or volunteer experience and come up with examples of how proactive thinking led to personal success. Applicants should answer interview questions in a way that reflects strong customer service skills and the ability to excel as part of a team. During the interview, applicants need to display strong work ethics and positive attitudes.

What to Wear

Job seekers should arrive wearing attire, which meets the high standards of the airline industry. Formal business apparel proves best for any customer-facing and corporate roles. Labor-intensive roles, such as baggage handler, require slightly less formal clothing.

Eye Contact and Honesty

When interacting with hiring professionals, applicants should maintain suitable eye contact and speak with confidence. Answer questions with honesty, clarity, and care during the entire process.

Follow Up

Job hopefuls rarely receive word of hiring decisions from personnel managers during job interviews. After applying or interviewing with Korean Air, candidates may go online to find out about hiring status with the Check Results tool on the company careers page. Typically, Korean Air takes between two and four weeks to contact job hopefuls after interviewing.

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  1. muruvet gokmen

    dear sır or madam ı lıve ın turkey and workıng as a senior cabın crew member for turkısh company and ı would lıke to get a place ın ur company wondrıng do u accept owerseas people thnk you for ur attentıon

  2. Alice

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to apply for the “Flight Attendant” position. I am a French female who is 29 years old. I’m 177cm. I am very interested in Korean Air.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Dwayne Haynes

    Korean Airlines Hiring Division,
    Comment: Over all I have found this website very informative for candidates seeking employment with your company. Tip: A question during the interview that may come up is the salary and, what is the candidate willing to except based on offer. A candidate’s display of value toward the success of the company is a vital key.


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