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Kroger has over 2,700 locations and is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, where it has been since 1883.

Facts About Working at Kroger

Minimum Age to Work at Kroger: 14 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kroger?)

Kroger Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Kroger: Bagger, cashier, clerk, fuel attendant, manager, pharmacy technician, stocker, store associate, store clerk

Printable Application: Yes. Print Kroger application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Kroger Employee Interview Videos

Listen to Kroger employees discuss their jobs:

Kroger Application video

Kroger Job Opportunities

Typical Positions and hiring Requirements
Found in more than 35 states, Kroger hires workers to fill various customer service roles. Entry-level jobs include cashier, courtesy clerk, and department associates. Employees can be either full-time or part-time and can expect to work days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Applicants must be 18 years old to apply.

Opportunities to Advance
New stores and some turnover lead to consistent openings with the grocery chain. Kroger offers numerous career options to those with previous experience and additional education. Entry-level workers can also earn promotion to manager roles over time.

Kroger Positions and Salary Information

The company accepts job applications from those seeking part-time and full-time jobs. Kroger looks for employees with good communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment. The following roles are commonly available:


  • Kroger stores require employees to work in different departments to better serve customers.
  • Also called sales associates, workers can be assigned to the bakery, deli, dairy, grocery, or produce departments to help patrons find items and answer questions.
  • Clerks can make up to $9.00 an hour.
  • Consult the Kroger grocery clerk job description to learn about stocking positions with the supermarket chain.


  • Courtesy clerks bag groceries and take them out to customer vehicles.
  • Employees should be prompt, cheerful, and able to perform basic manual labor.
  • Other duties include cleaning, returning items to shelves, and retrieving carts.
  • Courtesy clerks at Kroger start at minimum hourly wage.
  • Take a look at the Kroger bagger job description.


  • Responsibilities include operating computerized cash registers, taking payments, and answering customer questions.
  • Kroger cashiers work varied shifts and typically earn around $8.00 per hour.
  • Read the Kroger cashier job description.
  • Cashiers should be kind, courteous, and patient individuals.


  • Ranging from floor supervisors to store managers, Kroger management positions delegate work and supervise entry-level employees.
  • Specific job duties include setting work schedules, hiring and training new employees, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Floor supervisors pay rates are around $9.00 to $10.00 per hour.
  • Assistant managers generally start off making $17.00 an hour while store managers earn around $60,000 per year.
  • Browse the Kroger manager job description.

Tips For Applying

Applying for positions at Kroger is easy with their user-friendly website. Candidates should create profiles, search recently posted positions, and apply electronically. The option to apply in person is available, as well.

Application Status

Applicants can follow up on the statuses of their applications by logging online and selecting the job management tab. On average, individuals should expect to wait between one and two weeks. Hiring managers at a Kroger store typically call to set up initial interviews.

Benefits of Working at Kroger

Workers have access to medical insurance, life insurance, and other healthcare coverage. Qualifying Kroger employees also:

  • Can enroll in 401(k) retirement plans
  • Receive tuition assistance
  • Get adoption benefits
  • Earn paid vacation, paid time off, and sick leave.

Additional Information on Kroger

Kroger shares a mission with Feeding America to ensure hunger relief across the nation. In 2014, over 270 million meals were donated by Kroger, which is over five million meals a week. During the holiday time, the grocery store chain donates around 33 million meals. Web users can enter their zip codes to find the food banks nearest to them.


  • Greggory Wicks says:

    I applied online for positions at Kroger approximately one month ago. I have not received any news. I would like some feedback concerning my application.

    • Margaret A Schindler says:

      Hi I would call Kroger and ask to speak to the hiring manager and tell him when you put your application in and that you’re checking on the status of your application because if you don’t call them then they might not think you’re interested.

    • Tonya K Hoyt says:

      Don’t ever wait for anyone to call you, i suggest after 2 to 3 days after resume and/or application is submitted, you start calling them. If you call enough, it looks like you’re very willing to work esp if you have any experience per position that they’re hiring for. Show initiative and interest, eventually hopefully sooner than later, they either pass you by or offer an interview. This is generally with any potential employment.

  • Edward Coward says:

    Some of my duties working for Kroger included bagging, utility work, cleaning, unloading trucks, moving pallets, and garbage disposal.

  • Banhoro Abdoulaye says:

    Some of my duties working for Kroger included bagging, utility work, cleaning, unloading trucks, moving pallets, and garbage disposal.

  • LISA says:

    Kroger, was a great experience for me and very challenging.
    I enjoyed working for Kroger, and the new faces I got to meet
    with me being a cashier / bagger.

  • Paula Styles says:

    Yes I worked for Kroger in 1972 for several month. I was a cashier. I enjoy working with the public and dealing with different situations as they come up. This was back when you actually had to manually enter register prices.

  • Lynda Waterman says:

    I worked for Kroger’s when it was on Lynn Garden Drive in Kingsport, Tennessee back in the 1980’s. I enjoyed my job and the great customers I had the privilege to serve. I worked as a cashier.

  • Trudy Wade says:

    Deli clerk doing customer service work. enjoyed it thoroughly. I loved talking with and helping my customers. I also was a produce clerk, fuel center clerk, and helped out in floral, front-end, and any customer needing assistance. Really enjoyed working there, but it can be stressful in some areas.

  • Sherwood Wile says:

    I worked at Krogers as Deli clerk for 13 years and two years courtesy clerk. Deli work consisted of cooking, frying, baking, various meats, vegetables, making sandwiches, food trays, assembling holiday dinners for customer orders, slicing deli meats and cheeses for counter orders, dressing up front window displays,etc.
    Courtesy clerk: say hi to every customer, bag groceries, help customer out to their cars if needed, return unwanted items to departments, return damaged items to department and trash to dumpster, sanitized restrooms, vacuum lobby and offices, return carts to front of store. Sweep all aisles, help customers find items, store supplies away, remove all spills in aisles.

  • Randy S. Hignite says:

    I worked at the Midland Kroger store back in the mid 1960’s to the early 1970’s. I started out as a bagger and carry out and later split my time working in dairy dept. and produce. I loved it there! Met customers and made new friends have the best memories of working at my first real job! I later worked night stock there from 1969 to 1974. It was good physical work and it kept me in shape.

  • Eric Malcolm says:

    I worked at Kroger’s for about 2 years. It was a new store and I started as a clerk in the seafood dept. After about a month I became assistant manager and a few months later became manager. I did the ordering and scheduling for the department. I was in charge of getting the display case ready for sales and restocking the frozen seafood when needed. I also prepared special orders for customers (party platters). Our seafood department was consistently second in sales for our area until management decided to close our department and use our space for displays. I then became assistant manager in the meat department.

  • Derrick White says:

    My job title was courtesy clerk and it involved helping costumers with their bags, bringing carts in off the lot, help costumers find groceries, and cleanup around the store.

  • Sherry McGillen says:

    I have worked at Krogers in Essexville back in 1989-1990 in the Deli & Bakery. I really enjoyed that very much got to work with some very nice co-workers.

  • Charles T. Bass says:

    I started with Kroger in April 1979, as a courtesy clerk, I went to the meat dept., Then promoted to head seafood clerk during this time I helped open three stores with seafood shops, I was the head seafood clerk at #895 in Nashville TN. which became the number one seafood shop in the company. I went on to go through the management training program and completed the progam and was given the assignment as perishable manager in Franklin TN. Then moved to perishable manager in bell mead TN. I left the company on good terms on april 24, 1999

  • Donna Bolton says:

    Yes, I have recently worked at the Walton, KY location in 2013 as a 3rd shift night cashier. As well as past years of Deli, meat dept, and floral dept, in Latonia, Ky.

  • Holly Henley says:

    I worked for Kroger and loved being a front end cashier!

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