Krystal Interview Questions & Tips

Krystal Hiring Requirements

Whether looking to fill spots in the head offices, operations staff, or in-store crews, Krystal needs bright and committed associates on the team. The Southern fast food burger chain uses standard interview processes to evaluate candidates. In most cases, the company requires applicants to participate in face-to-face interviews with recruiting staff. Some positions may require employment seekers to pass drug screening and background checks prior to lending job offers.

Answering Interview Questions

Crew member interviews with Krystal are informal and generally cover availability and past performances at work. Interviewers may ask situational questions, such as: "How do you deal with a rude customer?" and "What do you do if a coworker isn't being productive?" Applicants should keep answers positive and focused on guest satisfaction.

Be the Best

The burger chain looks for crew members interested in growing within the fast food company. Job hopefuls looking to find work should express interest in staying with Krystal and ask questions about training and advancement opportunities. Applicants should also exhibit energetic, team-oriented natures in interviews. Candidates vying for jobs may dress in casual business attire for the interview.

Achieving Management Roles

Management or operations jobs require applicants to engage in multiple Krystal interviews. The hiring process for a manager may start with a preliminary phone interview that addresses basic experience and skills. In-person interviews probe in depth for skills in managing staff, running store operations, meeting goals, and satisfying customers.

Interviewing for Management

Some questions managerial applicants often need to respond to include: "How do you handle uncomfortable customer service situations?" and "How do you go about terminating an employee?" Managerial job contenders may also need to take judgment index exams. Krystal prefers to hire experienced managers that are well-spoken and goal-driven. Management job seekers should refer to work backgrounds to show proof of abilities. A formal hiring session, a managerial interview requires candidates to dress in formal business clothing and have resumes on hand.


  • Kelly says:

    This is my first job and noone seems to want to hire me because I havenever had a job.I think I will be a good worker and should be gave a shot.

  • Olivia says:

    Being new in the work field is kind of tough, ecspecially if you are a teenager and have never had a job. It’s not that they think you won’t be a good worker. When they hire you and you have never had a job they have to train you, and that takes two weeks to do, and honestly it wastes a lot of time to train someone that is why they prefer someone with experience. But, go in to an interview, dressed nice, and confident. Tell yourself you’re going to get the job. Tell your employer that you are ready to do whatever it takes to get and obtain that job.

  • sharon says:

    i would really love to work here and be responsible also make my own money so that i can do what ever i want

  • Jordan Baker says:

    How do you apply for a job at krystal.

  • claude says:

    Having no work.experience is noy as bad as it may seem. Experience is a general word used to capture anything you’ve done to prepare you for a common job or career. If a recent graduate or student. A great tip is to use ur experience in class. Talk about your involvement in group projects where deadlines were present. How you are a great communicator. Research whatever industry you have an interest in working in. As a former manager I wanted people with personality knowledge and the drive to want to learn the business rather than someone that thinks they can just take the spot. Competition in this economy is huge. Equip yourself with knowledge as it is power

  • Dominique says:

    OMG Krystal gave me the runaround for the longest!! I applied at one krystal the guy acted like he was hiring a billion ppl told me to drive THIRTY minutes to take that survey and then i called him a few days later and he told me to call back in a week i did and it took me 2 weeks to get in touch with him and when i did he was like i need kitchen ppl blah blah asked me questions told me to call him back in a couple days. I did and guess what..those billion ppl he wanted to hire he said to me that he just hired ONE person and to check back with him in a few weeks. OMG talking about wanting to cuss someone out but its ok cuz that krytal only got like5 cars a day. Then i went to another krystal they claimed they were having a job fair so to come to it. I had my 1st interview a few days later i got a second interview and then it went real well she had me and this guy stand and greet ppl. And so then she said ill give u a call in a couple days if not call me. So i did and she said they wanted me as a cashier and no positions were avaliable yet and to check back around when school start. I did and to get to the point i accidentlly wore a tshirt. im still a teenager i forgot i didnt know u had to dress ur Sunday best for it and he pointed it out and was like its not profesional. just a tip for future interviews. The bastard said he would mull/think about it but never did!! Today i walked into Wendys got an interview on the spot. In your face Krystal!!!

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