Kum and Go Interview Questions & Tips

Where to Apply

Applicants looking to interview for customer service roles with gas station and convenience store chain Kum & Go should apply either online or at a local store.

Time from Application to Hire

Typically starting with phone interviews before moving on to one-on-one meetings, candidates should expect no more than one or two interviews before hiring decisions are finalized. Entry-level applicants may receive job offers after initial face-to-face interviews. For managerial and supervisory positions, the interview process may take anywhere from two to four weeks and include two screenings. At the conclusion of the hiring process, candidates may need to submit to background checks and drug screenings.

In the Interview

Sales associates often meet up with store or general managers for one-on-one interviews. Most Kum & Go hiring personnel place emphasis on prior work experience, education, and retail knowledge throughout questioning. The administration of basic arithmetic tests to show candidate proficiency may occur. Common questions posed may include, "What is your availability?" and "Can you stand for eight to ten hours at a time?" Applicants may require more than one interview or may obtain job offers after the initial meeting.

Management Positions

Supervisory roles may include a more extensive interview process requiring multiple meetings with various corporate hiring persons. The employment process may last up to three weeks. Typical interview questions applicants tackle at managerial interviews include, "How would you train associates to recognize the need for reducing inventory loss?" and "How would you keep your location profitable while maintaining salary commitments?" Kum & Go jobs featuring regular physical straining, such as bending repetitiously, normally require applicants to stand in good health.

Demonstrate Value

Show any appropriate knowledge of the industry and earnestness in every response to Kum & GO interview questions. Candidates demonstrating a penchant for customer service and retail skillfulness may receive further consideration. Maintain excellent posture and eye contact throughout the interview process. Interviewees who do not receive offers of employment at the end of the interview process should check back with the convenience store chain to corroborate job status.


  • Anonymous says:

    Some more interview questions are:
    Are you able to handle a stressful situation very well?
    Are you able to stand on your feet, continuous, for 8 hours or more?

    Some more tips:
    -No HighSchool Diploma is required but it is highly recommended to have one.
    -When dressing for the interview wear what you probably would to Church.
    -Just bring yourself to the interview
    -If they ask how much you would like to pay, just answer based on these facts
    (worked cashier or other convenience store jobs) about $1.50 above minimum
    (New experience)Minimum Wage
    -When it comes to second interviews just expect the call sometime withing the following week. If they haven’t called, they are not interested.
    -And most importantly Kum and Go does drug test. At random times too.

    Thats all I can help anyone with. Good Luck at your interviews. And if your hired, Welcome to Kum and Go!

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