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Started in Japan in 1954, Kumon exists in 50 countries around the world. With over 1,700 centers in North America alone, educational enthusiasts may find ample occasion for employment. Various roles in helping tutor children in both reading and math persist.

Facts About Working at Kumon

Hiring Age: 22 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Kumon?)

Available Positions: Tutor, LMS Administrator, Field Consultant, Educational Researcher, Multi-Unit Account Manager, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Assistant Director, Center Director, Franchise Recruitment Manager, Part-Time Kumon Assistant, Kumon Math and Reading Center Assistant, Education Assistant, Grader/Assistant, Junior Kumon Assistant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Kumon Job Opportunities

Utilizing self-learning techniques as opposed to traditional passive learning models, Kumon actively incorporates different methods to help children learn at paces more attuned to each individual. In order to do so effectively, the tutoring company must hire and maintain strong staffs of educators, administrators, and assistants. Each employee plays an active role in client education and commonly function in varying tasks, such as grading, assignment preparation, and leading daily exercises. While no formal post-secondary education may prove necessary to earn some entry-level positions, roles as instructors may necessitate certain certifications and degrees, usually depending on each location.

Each location sets hours of operation differently. Commonly utilizing after-school hours and weekends, associates must show scheduling flexibility and availability in order to succeed. Such hours may appeal to retired teachers, college students, and recent high school graduates seeking seasonal employment. Most positions require applicants to pass various pre-employment tests in order to gauge aptitudes and accurately place instructors in the correct learning fields of study.

Kumon Positions and Salary Information

As a franchised company, most centers hire based on state regulations regarding educator standards and requirements. While certified teachers and instructors may need to possess post-secondary certifications and degrees, some entry-level positions with the tutoring company may face less stringent hiring requirements. Applicants standing at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma and a devoted interest to education may find availability in the following positions:

Assistant Instructor

  • One of the more readily available positions with the tutoring company remains the assistant instructor.
  • Accountable for guiding learners through the progression of the program, employees must grade and prepare all work for future sessions.
  • An assistant instructor must observe student study habits and routinely communicate progress to lead instructors.
  • Successful candidates typically show the ability to work in fast-paced environments, desires to work with children of varying age levels, show attention to detail, possess strong organizational skills, and the ability to work flexible schedules.
  • An assistant instructor may expect to work between 15 and 30 hours a week and earn up to $9.00 an hour.

Assistant Director

  • As an administrative position focusing on enrollment and leading staff, the assistant director position may function in both full-time and part-time capacities.
  • Earning yearly salary options of around $25,000, employees help run the day-to-day operations at the tutoring center.
  • Regularly in charge of daily scheduling, assistant directors may also conduct new parent orientations, supervise homework preparation, and meet with guardians and students to discuss progress.
  • While certain undergraduate degrees may remain preferred, candidates with extensive history tutoring, teaching, and managing employees may also gain access to opportunities.

Tips For Applying

As each franchise may present different opportunities for application, candidates should contact the preferred location of hire to confirm best practices. When filling out a standard paper application, candidates should ensure hiring information remains concise, current, and correct. Dress accordingly when dropping off hiring materials, as on-the-spot interviews may occur. Most online applications, when utilized, use third-party job boards in order to pare down candidates.

Application Status

Hiring personnel typically respond to applications and resumes within one to two weeks of receipt. Applicants may receive phone interviews or offers to interview in person. Candidates must also pass standardized pre-employment tests. The tests show aptitude in the areas employees typically tutor in and help in job placement. If not contacted within a reasonable amount of time, aspirants may wish to contact the preferred center of hire directly, either by phone or in person.

Benefits of Working at Kumon

In addition to excellent pay and flexible scheduling, Kumon offers employees a comprehensive job benefits package. Eligible employees enjoy access to quality medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as prescription drug plans. In addition to flex spending accounts, the company also offers associates basic life insurance options and short- and long-term disability plans. Employees enjoy paid personal time as well as paid holidays and sick time. Workers cite assistance programs and tuition discounts along with a generous company match on 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Information about Kumon

Through the company website, parents and guardians may search through an assortment of online resources designed to help navigate the educational world of children. From product reviews to success stories, the tutoring company promotes a wide range of topics for review. In addition, the company offers articles on math and reading resources as well as parenting and early education tips and information to help complement and supplement daily skills.


  • Angelo R. says:

    What are the requirements to be a Kumon tutor? (besides the age)

    • May C says:

      Depends on the position you want and the kumon you want to work at. If you want to be a marker, they have the lowest requirements and are generally for people under 18. To be a marker at my kumon I had to take a test for maths and english that started at the lowest level and went up to year 9 level things because I was in year 9 when I applied. However my sister who works at a different kumon, and my friends who also work at another different kumon just had to apply and send in a resume to get accepted as a marker. So it really just depends on the kumon.

  • Haley says:

    Hi, I’m 17 and I’ve been working at kumon as a tutor since i was 14/15. I work at a California center and basically to apply you go in and take a math or reading test, or both (whichever subjects you want to tutor), and depending on your score and the days/hours you’re available, then you will get hired. Most centers are usually only opened 2 days a week, for 4 hrs a day so it shouldn’t conflict with scheduling.

  • Mayet Guevarra says:

    I worked as teaching assistant at Kumon Education Centre in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia for three years. It was not merely a job it was a very rewarding experience working with young people with great interest in maths and reading. The Kumon administrator has a very enthusiastic attitude towards working with children and that attitude helped a lot in instilling positive motivation to us working as teaching assistants.
    Every work shift at Kumon gave me satisfaction of helping young minds discover their potential and develop their abilities at their own pace.

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