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LA Fitness manages a chain of health clubs operating exclusively in North America, including more than 600 locations. Pushes for expansion spur regular hiring within the prominent company to supplement existing staffs.

Facts About Working at LA Fitness

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at LA Fitness?)

Available Positions: Sales Counselor, Club Staff, Customer Service Representative, Receptionist, Personal Trainer, Operations Manager, General Manager, Personal Training Director, Janitor, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Supervisor, Digital Content Designer, Yoga Instructor, Pure Yoga Manager, Marketing Associate, Fitness Manager, Facility Technician, Membership Counselor, Kids Club Attendant

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LA Fitness Job Opportunities

Jobs available through LA Fitness fall into roughly one dozen different divisions of labor. Workers may find viable employment as personal trainers, IT technicians, maintenance workers, general staff and reception personnel, operations managers, and group fitness instructors. The chain maintains trendy, contemporary fitness centers featuring state-of-the-art cardio and strength-training equipment. Varying types of equipment require applicants to possess familiarity with most, if not all, services and machines featured at each location. Broad knowledge of exercise physiology, psychology, and philosophy serve candidates well, as the health club focuses attentions on motivating, grounding, and instructing patrons on the best methods of losing weight, maintaining health, and reaching overall fitness goals.

The large layouts of LA Fitness centers require patience, diligence, and excellent communication skills. Workers typically carry out duties on foot through given shifts. Facilities often overcrowd during peak hours, which include early mornings and late afternoons. Colder temperatures also increase daily patronage during the fall and winter seasons. Employees should expect to work with multiple clients per day. General tasks include addressing issues ranging from equipment malfunction and wardrobe distress to offering advice on making gains in fitness and staying motivated during training programs. Sales, customer service, and basic sanitation skills rank highly among desirable traits in future associates. Other hiring requirements vary by position.

LA Fitness Employment and Pay Information

Expanding operations provide job prospects throughout the company service area. Across the U.S., fitness employment hunters enjoy opportunities for meaningful careers featuring lucrative base pay and salary options, supportive work environments, complimentary access to high-tech exercise equipment, and the ability to qualify for employee benefit packages. Available fitness jobs impose minimum age requirements of 18 years old and regularly include the following positions:

Club Staff

  • Greeting patrons, checking memberships, and answering questions about policies and services serve as general job duties for club staff associates.
  • The position involves a great deal of data entry and customer interaction.
  • LA Fitness favors workers with experience using computers, reliable work ethics, and extroverted personalities.
  • As entry-level positions, club staff jobs feature hourly pay scales beginning at $8.00.
  • Club staff workers typically assume part-time shifts upon hire.

Fitness Sales Counselor

  • The livelihood of LA Fitness depends on the regular renewal and initiation of patron memberships.
  • Fitness sales counselors work exclusively in attracting and retaining customer bases.
  • A full-time position, applicants must generally possess some background in sales and guest services.
  • Most jobs duties posit fitness sales counselors behind desks; however, the position also involves giving facility tours on foot and presenting to potential corporate backers.
  • Self-starting personalities suit fitness sales counselor jobs best, as employees work independently a majority of given shifts.
  • Hourly pay rests around $8.00.

Personal Trainer

  • LA Fitness personal trainers act as role models for patrons.
  • The chain requires applicants and existing employees to remain free of noticeable and/or offensive piercings, facial hair, and tattoos for hiring consideration.
  • Primary tasks include creating and implement personalized workout plans for customers and welcoming guests.
  • Applicants should demonstrate kind and supportive yet confident personalities to increase odds of employment.
  • Professional certifications and degrees in related fields greatly increase candidate prospects for hire.
  • Punctuality also factors in as a preferred characteristic of potential personal trainers.
  • Most personal trainers charge by the hour for individual consultation, with pay falling between $14.00 and $20.00, in most cases; however, the chain may hire on personal trainers full-time and offer annual salary options in excess of $46,000.

Tips For Applying

The entry-level jobs and professional fitness careers available with the prominent chain remain available through the company corporate website. Applicants access a basic job platform landing page and fill out a general application form, regardless of position desired. The online form allows workers to upload resumes, indicate levels of education, including relevant certifications and degrees, and previous experience in related fields. Applicants typically spend between five and 10 minutes completing the document. Read over the instructions carefully to avoid making mistakes and ready personal employment information prior to filling out the form to ensure accuracy. Failing to provide accurate or pertinent information may result in disbarment from consideration for available jobs.

Application Status

Following up via phone calls after submitting hiring forms represents the best method to check on the status of an application. Response time between submitting employment documents and formal contact from hiring personnel usually takes anywhere from a few days and a few weeks. Depending on hiring needs, workers may receive consideration for employment on the spot. Conducting follow up in person often facilitates on-the-spot interview consideration. Phone calls and emails serve as respectable methods of contact as well; however, the chain may take further interest in candidates who show initiative by showing up to personally check on application status.

Benefits of Working for LA Fitness

Upon hire, associates enjoy free memberships honored at any LA Fitness chain. Full-time employees may also receive job benefits packages consisting of financial assistance, like 401(k) retirement plans and bonus incentives, healthcare coverage, and time off. Childcare assistance and sick days also stand as regular employment benefits. Eligibility and availability may depend on job title and location.

More Information on LA Fitness

In addition to the company corporate website, each location maintains a personalized website better serving surrounding communities. Customers and potential members may log on to the specific websites for desired locations and access information on class schedules, personal trainers, hours of operations, and facility amenities. Many fitness centers in the chain also maintain social media pages, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ accounts, which further connect patrons to staff, upcoming events, and other customers.

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