LA Fitness Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at LA Fitness

The LA Fitness hiring process often involves interviews carried out on-the-spot. Candidates who submit hiring materials in-person may receive immediate consideration for available jobs and sit with managers or other staff upon handing in the appropriate forms. Applicants may also declare candidacy for jobs online. After receiving formal review, desirable applicants who electronically submit forms usually attend job interviews within a few days. The fitness chain refers to interviews as auditions, primarily due to applicants demonstrating abilities during the hiring sessions. Candidates report both same-day job offers and offers within a week of interview.

Brief Interview Process

Brief and basic in structure, the LA Fitness interview process takes prospective health and wellness industry professionals through short rounds of hiring sessions. In most cases, the chain of fitness clubs interviews candidates once in order to determine eligibility for employment.

What Will the Interviewer Ask?

Applicants respond to general interview questions, most of which gauge personal interests. "Tell me about yourself," represents one of the most common prompts job seekers respond to during the hiring process. Interview officials lead conversations into interests and experience in health and fitness but generally limit discussions to no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Have Extra Resumes

Bring extra copies of updated resumes to LA Fitness job interviews. Recruitment managers regularly use information found in applicant resumes as talking points.

Be Confident and Dress Nice

Workers should sit up straight, speak confidently and knowledgeably, and wear professional clothing, such as button-down shirts, slacks, dressier blouses, skirts, or appropriate dresses. Health and fitness brand and trend awareness serves candidates well during the interview process.

Follow Up

Applicants who receive LA Fitness job offers may receive the formal deal over the phone at a later date or during the final interview. Demonstrate gratitude in either case. A follow-up call or email may help applicants spur continued favor with hiring personnel.


  • Feryal Mahnaei says:

    Hello, I am 16
    I am a member of the gym and I really enjoy my time while am working.
    I’ve tried ways to get a job application form.

  • Hector says:

    Can i land a job there as a janitor if i have a visible tattoo?

  • GEORGE says:

    I had a job interview before at LA Fitness. I stopped working for LA Fitness because I started going to college. Are you guys hiring for janitors?

  • Josh says:

    How should I dress for a job interview at LA Fitness?

  • sean says:

    How many days do you typically have to wait for LA fitness to call for interviews?

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