La Quinta Interview Questions & Tips

Traditional Interview Process

La Quinta hiring managers interview prospective associates using similar techniques and formats. Entry-level workers looking to work for the hospitality company generally undergo one or two formal hiring sessions with hotel representatives. During interviews, job hopefuls speak directly with current managers and supervisors, often in 1:1 formats, to determine eligibility for the position desired.

Questions Asked

La Quinta Inn & Suites poses series of interview questions designed to measure customer service abilities, work ethics, and personal motivations for employment in the hotel industry, including: "Have your previous experiences prepared you for this position?" and "What are aspects of working in a hotel you like/dislike?" Many interview questions pertain to past jobs, especially employment experiences gained working for hotels, if applicable.

Teamwork Abilities are Key

Team-oriented work environments dominate the La Quinta job landscape. Workers must be able to work across positions as needed in order to gain serious hiring consideration.

Appropriate Clothing

Professional dress, regardless of desired job, proves beneficial but not entirely necessary. Business-casual clothing also suffices for job interviews.


Persistent yet approachable and friendly attitudes generally receive extra attention from La Quinta hiring managers. Applicants should also make a point to stress genuine interest in serving others and abilities to follow protocol at all times.

Job Offer

The hotel chain may extend employment to encouraging candidates during the interview process or at a later date following the final interview.


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    How many years do they go back for an offense. Like I know that Marriott goes back as far as 10 years.

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