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Specializing primarily in lingerie and fashionable clothing, La Senza stands out among other retailers and provides widespread opportunities for meaningful employment. Jobs consistently become available in sales, customer service, merchandising, and stock.

Facts About Working at La Senza

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at La Senza?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Stock Specialist, Merchandise Handler, Key Holder, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Bra Expert, Visual Specialist, Sales Education Specialist, Store Communications Coordinator

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

La Senza Employment Opportunities

The trendy, sexy, and provocative settings of La Senza retail stores require applicants to possess charming and charismatic personalities. Workers must understand the sensitive nature of clothing sold in store and develop effective ways to sell merchandise without offending patrons. Most stores sit in shopping malls or other high-traffic areas. The regular flows of customers in and out of each location create inconsistent workdays filled with varying duties. Job hopefuls must possess sound multitasking, interpersonal, and organizational skills to excel as employees.

Merchandising plays an important role in jobs available. In addition to handling payments and completing transactions, associates improve the visual aesthetics of each location. La Senza prides operations on appealing and eye-catching designs. Product displays in store must incorporate the same stylistic elements showcased in available fashions. Locations must remain clean, organized, and energetic retail spaces. A typical employee carries out multiple job duties throughout a given day and ensures each store adheres to company standards of visual representation of clothing lines and accessories.

La Senza Pay Scales and Positions

The mature clothing sold in store requires individuals to meet the minimum age of 18 for employment consideration. Sales associates and other entry-level workers often need no real experience to gain hire. Hours of operation often lead to working nights, weekends, and some holidays. Open, flexible schedules suite candidates best when applying for jobs. Interested applicants may find work as:

Sales Associate

  • The main tenants of sales associate positions include greeting customers, highlighting current promotions, restocking shelves, and protecting against loss.
  • Workers should possess highly energetic and outgoing personalities.
  • Fashion sense and natural ability to sell clothing and related merchandise also serve as general qualifications.
  • Sales associates report directly to store managers.
  • Typical schedules include part-time hours, or between 15 and 30 hours per week.
  • On average, sales associates earn minimum wage starting pay and move into higher pay scales with experience.

Stock Specialist

  • Working primarily in store backrooms, stock specialists organize products and receive shipments.
  • Stock specialists also build displays and shelving units, perform closing duties, such as sweeping and mopping, and fill out daily receiving logs.
  • Dedication and physical stamina play key roles in the hiring of new workers into stock positions as well as basic notating and data entry.
  • The position also features predominantly part-time hours.
  • Associates in the entry-level position report directly to store assistant managers.
  • Pay scales begin around $9.00 or $10.00 per hour.


  • The fashion retail chain offers two tiers of managerial careers: assistant manager and store manager.
  • Assistant managers may work part-time or full-time, while store managers work strictly full-time schedules.
  • Hours may vary for each position, as many managers trade off nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Applicants must generally hold high school diplomas and at least some related experience in either the retail industry or leadership roles at previous jobs.
  • Driving sales and enforcing company policies remain integral aspects of work as La Senza managers.
  • Hiring, training, and supervising entry-level sales teams also play important parts of careers in management.
  • Managers must also pay close attention to customer needs and provide excellent services at all times.
  • Hourly pay rates for assistant managers fall between $11.00 and $13.00.
  • Store managers receive annual salary options in excess of $50,000.

Tips For Applying

Sales and customer service expertise serve as the two most sought-after characteristics of new employees. Applicants submitting hiring forms must demonstrate in subsequent interviews the ability to effectively connect with customers and answer questions related to fashions. Hiring managers may require employment hopefuls to offer recommendations based on available fashions during interviews for La Senza jobs. Review current fashion trends and available product lines in store prior to meeting for employment consideration to increase odds of performing well and impressing management.

Application Status

Applicants must create user accounts through the company careers page home portal to gain access to the online application process. Once created, workers may submit hiring forms, peruse jobs, and check on the status of outstanding applications. Potential associates may also call or email hiring personnel to inquire about the next steps toward gaining employment. In-person visits also serve as a viable option to check on application status. Most workers receive contact from personnel within a week.

Benefits of Working at La Senza

A Limited Brand company, La Senza provides comprehensive work benefits packages to eligible employees. Upon hire, entry-level staff receive generous discounts, schedule flexibility, and the ability to build team-oriented skills. Full-time store managers and individuals in corporate careers also gain access to:

  • Health and prescription drug plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Time off
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Life and disability insurance options, and
  • Dental packages in addition to merchandise discounts

More Information on La Senza

La Senza operate primarily in the North American country of Canada. In total, more than 150 stores operate throughout the country, with roughly 180 more stores located worldwide. The retail chain also maintains an online store accessible at any hour of the day. International shoppers located in countries without the retailer may log on and purchase goods in all styles and sizes. Around 30 countries call home to the major lingerie retail chain across the globe.

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