La Senza Job Interview Questions & Tips

La Senza Hiring Timeline

The hiring process for La Senza jobs renders roughly the same for entry-level applicants and professional career seekers. Workers submit necessary paperwork to a location of choice and then receive phone calls to schedule job interviews based on desired applicant information. Eligible workers usually receive contact within a week to schedule interviews and often puts candidates through all required stages of the hiring process within a similar amount of time.

Entry-level vs Management Positions

The main difference between the La Senza interview process for entry-level workers and management hopefuls rests in the number of hiring sessions used to screen candidates. Applicants in search of sales associate jobs typically wrap up the interview process after a single hiring session. Managerial candidates typically interview at least twice for employment consideration. Sales associate workers may also encounter group interviews during the hiring process. Both one-to-one and group interview formats span about 20 to 30 minutes.

Typical Interview Questions

La Senza interview questions remain fairly standard for the retail industry. Hiring personnel ask workers questions like, "What qualities make you an ideal candidate for La Senza job?" Employment hopefuls also field questions regarding sales, such as "What defines good salesmanship?" and "How would you convince a customer to make a final purchase?"

Crafting Answers

Applicants should relax and allow answers to come naturally, while taking care to stay on-point and relevant with each response.

Dress Well

Fashionable appearances, including neat grooming, represents the best way to portray personal tastes during the La Senza hiring process. Applicants should wear La Senza clothing, if possible, to demonstrate fashion sense, love of, and familiarity with the brand.


  • Myra says:

    I applied to La Senza a few days ago, i walked in and asked for the manager (who happened to be working) and gave her my resume. She looked it over then asked me why i wanted to work at La Senza, then proceeded to invite me to the group interview they were having that same afternoon. I was told to wear all black, as to match the La Senza dress code.

    In the group interview (with 4 other girls) we were asked three main questions:
    1. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself
    2. How would you describe your personality
    3. What is your idea of the ideal workplace

    All the girls took turns answering the questions individually and listening to others, then we were told that 3 of us were to stay behind for another 1 on 1 interview while the other 2 were to leave (the interviewer thanked the 2 girls for coming in, and was very polite and professional).

    As for the 1 on 1 interview, I was told that this stage was for us to get to know each other a little better, and so she could see what sort of personality i had. We talked for a while, and the main question i was asked was, again, why i want to work at La Senza.

    Overall it was a very laid back and relaxing interview, the staff were very professional but also made me feel at ease, which made me less nervous when answering questions. (:

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