La-Z-Boy Interview Questions & Tips

La-Z-Boy Hiring Practices

A respected member of the furniture industry, La-Z-Boy focuses on modern style and comfort. The company looks to interview design-minded applicants as well as customer service-oriented individuals who thrive in high-pressure situations. Candidates may apply online or in-person at a local store. Interviewers may employ phone interviews, one-to-one interviews, and panel interviews. In certain cases, group interviews may be used to screen candidates before attending one-on-one interview. The hiring process often spans less than a week for entry-level positions and up to six weeks for managerial positions.

Entry-Level Interview Questions

For sales associate and sales consultant positions, interview questions tend to focus on previous sales experience, education, customer service skills, and experience in the furniture industry. Typical interview questions may center on sales and stress, such as, "How well do you work under pressure?" or "Can you tell me a time that you consider to be your best sales experience?" Candidates generally meet one-to-one with hiring personnel and should expect multiple interviews prior to official recruitment.

Career-level Questions

Interior designers and design associates should prepare to share portfolios of previous work in addition to answering questions about design ideas and implementation. Applicants typically meet with a panel first and then move on to 1:1 interviews with hiring staff. Typical questions may include, "Do you have a degree in design?" or "With your previous experiences in design, do you work best by yourself or in a team environment?" The hiring process may vary by job title, but expect multiple interviews while taking up to two to three weeks to reach completion. La-Z-Boy does conduct background checks and drug screening at the end of the interview process.

Winning the Job Offer

Ideal applicants for La-Z-Boy job interviews include individuals with prior sales experience as well as excellent customer service skills. Job seekers must highlight past and related work experiences to warrant employment consideration, although some entry-level jobs may impose no formal qualifications. Follow up frequently with the furniture industry company in order to check on job status. Dress accordingly for positions routinely visible with the general public. Business-casual attire or professional dress often best suits workers.


  • barbara says:

    do they drug test

  • lizzy says:

    yes they drug test, if your working in sales or with customers you always need to keep a clear head.

  • katie says:

    Just got back from an interview for sales associates position. Easy questions – “Tell me about yourself.” and “What is your work experience?”

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