Labor Finders Interview Questions & Tips

Company Information

Labor Finders operates nearly 200 offices nationwide, with each branch seeking to staff local companies and build dedicated business relationships. In order to do so, the staffing firm seeks individuals to fill various office roles, such as recruiter positions and career counselor jobs.

Questions to Study

Hiring personnel may directly ask applicants, "How would you describe your personality?" or pose situational questions related to personal hobbies or professional circumstances in order to gauge candidate traits.

Experience is Preferred but Not Required

Previous experience in temp-to-hire services may aid candidates, although individuals without experience should understand any lack will not be considered an automatic disqualifier. Interviewees may need to pass background checks and drug screening in order to proceed in the hiring process.

Landing a Temp Job

Candidates seeking employment in a diverse number of industries may utilize Labor Finders to obtain temporary employment, temp-to-hire work, and permanent placement jobs. Applicants meet with hiring personnel to consult and establish skills sets, education, and relatable job experiences. After taking placement and assessment tests, candidates may be placed in applicable fields in need of staffing. Position availability as well as variance of skills sets may prove advantageous when positions arise. Applicants willing to perform multiple jobs in numerous fields may receive distinct consideration over candidates with less experience.

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