Labor Ready Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Labor Ready

As one of the largest providers of temporary workers in a variety of industries, Labor Ready consistently looks for individuals able to multi-task, communicate effectively, and exercise computations skills with excellent proficiency. Candidates willing to focus on client care and hold affinities for customer service may benefit from available service representative and recruiter roles within the staffing firm.

Hiring Process

The Labor Ready interview process lasts from two to three weeks, with the typical sequence of events including a phone interview followed by a one-to-one interview with a branch manager. Interviewees cite observing current employees in day-to-day work activities as a possibility prior to receiving job offers.

Interview Questions

Typical interview questions may include, "Do you have experience working with clients from different economic backgrounds?" and "How do you handle multi-tasking in a stressful work environment?"

Applying for Temporary Jobs

Applicants interested in utilizing the staffing firm as a means of finding employment should complete the Labor Ready application at either a local branch or online. Applicants then receive contact from recruiters in order to answer questions of availability, previous work experience, and education background.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Whether seeking temporary work or long-term placement, honesty and genuine interest in the job fields available may present more opportunities to interested candidates. Dress accordingly, actively engage the interviewer, and practice typical interview questions ahead of time in order to stand out to recruiters seeking to fill multiple jobs. Persistence may prove essential in order to attain positions through Labor Ready, as the number of applicants vying for similar positions may constrict the amount of opportunities.


  • Allen Durlin says:

    what should i expect when they see i have juvenile felony’s

  • Pierre McDaniel says:

    Never was interviewed. I just filled out a safety test, and was put out to work. It was extremely difficult labor work, but I was able to finish each day and always got paid.

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