Lancome Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Lancome

A L'Oreal subsidiary focused on providing high-end cosmetics, Lancome often screens for passionate candidates to sell and represent company products. Job seekers often apply through online portals or within store locations. The luxury cosmetics company sometimes utilizes college or job fairs to recruit fresh candidates, as well.

Short Interviews

The entry-level job interview process proves relatively succinct, and candidates often participate in one hiring session with respective store managers before gaining employment. However, depending on the position desired or the volume of applicants, some job hopefuls take part in initial phone or group interviews before moving on to 1:1 meetings with Lancome hiring staff.

What do Hiring Managers Ask?

Interview questions span subject matter from education and experience to schedule availability and customer service skills. Prior to the interview, applicants should research current Lancome products and become familiar with company history in order to answer potential trivia questions.

Ideal Job Hopefuls

Attend Lancome interviews dressed fashionably yet appropriately and make a good impression on hiring personnel. Commence each meeting with a firm handshake and maintain relaxed eye contact with recruitment officials throughout the hiring process. Regardless of sales experience, an outgoing and friendly personality remains one of the most important qualifying factors for acquiring retail jobs.

What do Hiring Managers Ask?

Managers and other staff may test candidate sales skills by asking, "How would you sell the newest Lancome eye-shadow?" during interviews. More personable questions include, "Why do you want to work for us?" and "What are three words your previous employer would use to describe you?" Interviewees should keep answers positive and customer-focused, while showing brand knowledge and interest in the company when possible.

Follow Up

Do not anticipate Lancome managers to release hiring decisions at the end of the job interview. Contact a hiring manager within a few days of completing the last interview to check on hiring status.


  • cheng shean says:

    where i can interview be a lancome make up artist?
    walk in interview, make a appointment or ????

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