Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Interview Questions & Tips

Company Mindset

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken boasts southern hospitality and comfort foods out of more than 140 locations across the U.S. Widespread access to Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken jobs and multiple avenues to obtain employment highlight the approachability and 'family-run' mindset of the fast food restaurant chain.The concept of southern hospitality serves as an expectation of employees, and potential hires should keep the notion in mind throughout the interview process.

Obtaining Interviews

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken applicants should complete hiring forms or submit resumes online. Some locations even offer the contact information of hiring representatives on the website for each location.Once Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken managers receive applicant hiring forms, the representatives contact eligible workers to conduct interviews.

Wear Business-Casual Clothing

Initial interviews typically take place over the phone or at a Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken location. For face-to-face meetings, applicants should wear business-casual attire and arrive several minutes before the allotted time.

Keep Open Availability

Determining availability before the hiring process often helps the manager or hiring representative know if the applicant represents a strong fit for the position desired.

Common Interview Questions

Research the history and qualities unique to Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken before the interview in anticipation of questions that benefit from answers with such knowledge. Some common interview questions include: "Can you work Sundays?" or "What makes you a good fit for our company?"

Follow Up

Make sure to follow up about possible hiring decisions within a few days after the final interview.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Cashier Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Cashier: My job title was cashier. I would basically take the orders at the window. Sometimes they had me working at the desk, but most of the time I worked at the window, so I would take the orders from the people and get the money and hand out the food.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Cashier: The work environment, very hot in the back. Very hot. Other than that, I think it was a good work environment, very friendly environment. The people I worked with, they were kind, nice.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Cashier: Typical workday, go in about 15 minutes early. Sit down, see what everybody’s doing. Try to help out if you can. Clock in, you type your little numbers on the cash register. Then you get a little ticket that comes out like a receipt, so you know when you clocked in. Go back to the back, I’m going to start when I first started working there, go back to the back. See dishes up, you got to get them clean. Boss might come back there, ask you to sweep the floor a couple times. Might ask you to mop depending on what the mess is looking like. After that, day is almost over now, so you got to finish washing the rest of the dishes that just got messy. Then you got to empty out all the trays, wipe them down, fryers, then after you done, you got to clock out.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Cashier: Application process, I was a minor, so I came up to the job three times out of the week, because I was close, walking distance. I’d go there ask for the manager, he wasn’t there the first two times, but the third time he told me to go get a work permit for my job because he liked me. Then after that, I came back with the work permit. Filled out the application after I got my resume together, that was my first job. That simple.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Cashier: He asked me can I work with people. He asked me about my people, like can I work with people. Asked me if I ever had a job before, more recent work ability. He asked me had I ever made a resume. This was my first job, so I’m new to all this, so most of my questions were no. Only thing I ever done was help my grandma around the house, like cook or when she had surgery help her move around. I just knew how to be, I knew how to talk to people, basically. Be like a people person, and I was good with money. I had good grades in math, so I knew how to use the register perfect.

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