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As part of the family-owned company The Lego Group, Lego Stores operate as specialty retailer for the popular branded products. With locations reaching across the world, the company supports about 11,000 employees. Store locations offer prime opportunity for entry-level employment seekers.

Facts About Working at Lego Stores

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Lego Stores?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Sales Trainee, Cashier, Assistant Manager, Senior Manager, Store Manager, Sales Trainee, LEGO Brand Retail Supervisor, Learning Center Supervisor, Contact Centre Trainer, Maintenance Area Manager, Account Manager, Consumer Sales Analysis Manager, Public Relations Manager, Market Research Manager, Business Controller, Business Planner, Supply Facilities Supervisor, LEGO Universe Community Coordinator, Product Manager, Merchandiser, Consumer Services Advisor - Bilingual French and Spanish, Customer Logistics Consultant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Lego Stores Job Opportunities

Since the genesis of the brand in the 1930s, the famous toy producer continues to dominate the child-building-blocks market. Due to the popularity among children and no foreseeable end within the near future, job hunters may rest assured employment prospects remain stable. The geographical range of the building-block retailer also caters to a diverse set of employment aspirants, as multiple stores around the world continue to expand and increase in number. The corporate headquarters reside in Billund, Denmark, while other major countries possess regional headquarters, as well.

Sales associate positions provide great opportunities to begin careers with the retailer. As a common position, the sales associate job title consistently needs filled within Lego Stores. Serving as liaisons between products and customers, associates must work together in team environments to ensure parents and children experience the best possible customer service available. Consequently, recruiters sift through applications to find candidates possessing superior interpersonal skills as well as attributes indicating superior work ethics. The professional nature of the brand dictates the types of employees. Well-groomed and well-mannered individuals succeed with job offers more often than individuals with less professional appearances. Newly-hired associates may expect to work nights, weekends, and holidays, while also fulfilling part-time roles and gaining full-time opportunities as positions become vacant.

Lego Stores Openings and Pay

Hiring recruiters prefer retail experience, computer literacy, and experience with children; however, full training coincides with hire. Candidates displaying promise often receive hire consideration without experience. The retail chain requires organizational, verbal and written communication skills as well as computer literacy. Applicants 16 years and older may apply for the following positions with the company:

Sales Associates

  • Worker responsibilities involve greeting and interacting with families looking to buy products.
  • Sales associates facilitate sales by providing in-depth information, answering customer questions, and displaying positive, enthusiastic characters to enthuse children.
  • Associates work in teams and placate dissatisfied customers, only contacting superiors with complicated issues.
  • Working for close to minimum wage, sales associates enjoy opportunities for growth as more desirable positions become available.
  • Other work duties entail building displays for marketing and assisting clientele for special events often held outside of business hours.


  • Prospective store managers should expect incomes ranging between $40,000 and $60,000 per year.
  • Typical duties consist of meeting and exceeding corporate sales goals, maintaining well-kept facilities, hiring productive and reliable staff, and training personnel to represent company standards.
  • Bonuses add incentive for management positions but depend on store sales figures.
  • Assistant managers assume many sales associate roles, while supporting store managers and even acting as general overseers in lieu of upper management.
  • Assistant managers earn salary options around $25,000 and $35,000 annually, depending on experience and time with the retail chain.

Tips For Applying

Candidates enjoy easy access to applications from the company website. By creating an online profile, job hopefuls may painlessly send multiple employment requests and even upload resumes for even easier, time-saving submissions. Of course, applicants may also apply within stores, which may afford advantages over submitting online. By stepping inside a store, aspirants receive the opportunity to speak with hiring managers. Candidates should dress appropriately as well as discern the busiest hours of business to avoid causing extra employee frustration and inconveniencing management. Maintaining eye contact and speaking clearly demonstrate individual preparedness for available positions. Applicants using online submission should contact recruiters either by phone, email, or in-person to show actual interest in working for the store location.

Application Status

Aspiring Lego Stores employees who applied via the online website enjoy advantages in checking application statuses with relative ease. Logging in with the already constructed username and password allows users to extract status information. Applicants choosing not to pursue online applications may call or email hiring staff, which allows management to observe candidate interest.

Benefits of Working at Lego Stores

Employees retain options to buy discounted merchandise and receive cash bonuses upon completion of the fiscal year. Typical job benefits packages include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision and life insurances.

Eligible workers gain access to 401(k) retirement plans in addition to sick leave and paid vacations. The company also offers competitive salary options and promotions for employees exhibiting future potential.

Further Information on Lego Stores

The Lego craze began over in the late 1940s. The toy manufacturer sits as a leader in the industry. Though the blocks remain a household name for anyone with children, many of the brand users exist as adults who report unending love for the product. In recent years, the brand branched out and produced video games and a movie densely populated by famous entertainers, which confirmed the brands dominance within diverse markets. A particular fanatic even created a real house complete with Lego baths and sinks using more than 3 million pieces of the building blocks.

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