Lego Stores Interview Questions & Tips

Process for Hiring

For sales associate or "brick specialist" positions, applicants face group interviews followed by one-on-one interviews. LEGO Store group interviews typically remain held on the sales floor where applicants must answer a series of basic, personality-gauging questions.

Initial Question Preparation

Common inquiries include: "What is one word that describes you?" and "What do you like best about LEGO?" Applicants that successfully complete group interviews move on to chat with hiring managers in private.

1:1 Interviews

During one-on-one interviews, applicants need to answer questions about teamwork and customer service, such as:

  • Do you have any sales experience?
  • How do you tell a customer that we are out of a certain product?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you didn't get along with a coworker and how did you handle it?
After LEGO Store interviews, applicants may wait up to two weeks before receiving job offers.

Hiring Process for Management Positions

For retail management positions, LEGO Store candidates need to progress through several rounds of interviews. The typical manager evaluation process includes a phone screening followed by two or three interviews. Interview questions often remain open-ended, with some examples as follows: "What is your leadership style?" and "How do you motivate a team member?" Interviews commonly conclude with salary negotiations. Hiring managers may take upwards of a month to make hiring decisions for LEGO Store managerial roles.

Ask Questions About the Company

The retailer suggests that applicants visit LEGO Store prior to the interview process in order to get a feel of the company and understanding of products sold. The company also recommends applicants take some time before the interview to reflect on questions to ask about the company.

Demonstrate a Likable Character

The retail chain looks for helpful and bubbly individuals to fill store jobs, and applicants should exhibit friendly, outgoing natures throughout the LEGO Store hiring process. Showing personality is especially important during group interviews. Answers should relate to providing quality customer care. Whenever possible, job hopefuls should talk about past work experience.

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