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Legoland, a theme park specially designed to enthrall children for hours on end, consistently hires new workers in various capacities. Employment hunters regularly leap at available entry-level opportunities to dazzle families with exceptional customer service and devoted park operations.

Facts About Working at Legoland

Minimum Age to Work at Legoland: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Legoland?)

Legoland Hours of Operation: Open every day: 10:00am-5:00pm

Available Positions at Legoland: Ticket Sales Agent, Maintenance Technician, Food and Beverage Associate, Ground Pickup Associate, Ride Operator, Department Manager, Office Manager, Trade Sales Coordinator, Entertainment Technician, Photo Team Lead, Retail Supervisor, Porter, Education Associate, Grounds Associate, Admissions Associate, Retail Associate, Attractions Associate, Operations Associate, Retail Purchasing Manager, Loyalty and Research Representative, Finance Manager, Wardrobe Supervisor, Warehouse Supervisor, Safety and Risk Supervisor, Cash Control Associate, Park Ranger, Rides Mechanic, Performer, Character, Customer Service Associate, Youth and Education Sales Rep, Guest Experience Host

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Legoland Job Opportunities

The British theme park company, Merlin Entertainments, owns and operates chains of Legolands scattered across the globe. North American locations, Legoland Florida and Legoland California Resort, feature Lego toys and childhood amusement. Designed for children up to 12, the Florida site proudly boasts nearly 45 rides and various shows, attractions, restaurants, and shops.

General Requirements
In California, the amusement park employs approximately 13,000 employees to cater to millions of visitors each year. Associates within finance, human resources, admissions, food services, costume characters, and retail must display caring spirits. Individuals move among sectors to identify occupations of interest, which leads to career development and the pursuit of personal aspirations.

Ideal Qualities
Hired candidates join the exciting teams as Model Citizens, or residents of Legoland. As an ambassador for guests, each model employee demonstrates the same conduct and behavior expected of visitors. The term also encourages workers to create memorable experiences for families arriving at the park. Dutiful staff members relate to guests, particularly children, by making each boy and girl feel special. Positive experiences derive from the imaginative and inventive thoughts of enthusiastic employees. Culturally diverse team members inspect situations from different perspectives to understand the wishes of each and every child. Ideal candidates share company values, such as family, learning, and honesty.

Legoland Career and Salary Information

Overwhelmingly, openings require applicants over the age of 16, while some uphold higher age minimum qualifications of 18 years old. High school diplomas or equivalents satisfy educational requirements for individuals seeking work with Legoland. Other desirable traits may include customer service skills, flexible work schedules, and reliable transportation to and from work. Frequently available job titles for entry-level careers sit below:

Food Service Host

  • Abundant salary packages featuring hourly rates of $8.00 and $10.00, including exceptional job benefits, entice large applicant pools.
  • Not limited to selling, members of the food sales team handle cash, credit cards, debit cards, and voucher transactions.
  • Cheery faces greet customers ready to order pizza, salads, pastas, hot dogs, coffees, and other drinks.
  • Strong customer service skills mixed with friendly personalities form pleasant work environments.
  • Workers should expect to answer basic questions, clean workspaces, provide directions, and operate computer software.
  • Ideal candidates possess basic mathematics skills, Windows interface knowledge, and the ability to follow sanitation laws and guidelines.

Grounds Associate

  • While working under the careful direction of attractions leaders, associates maintain cleanliness of facilities, restrooms, and walkways.
  • To effectively complete assignments, grounds staff should effortlessly follow directions, grasp details, and become problem-solvers.
  • With pay rates of $8.00 to $9.00 an hour, employees do not need previous experience to hand in applications.
  • Team members prioritize safety while expertly sweeping and hosing designated areas of park landscapes.
  • Restrooms receive attention throughout the day and request services like replacing hand towels, toilet paper, and soap in dispensers.
  • Occasionally, staff empty trash cans and clean company equipment.
  • As needed, workers perform related tasks to support varying areas of the theme park.

Marketing Associate

  • Tactfully inquiring for departmental research, marketing associates collect and enter data.
  • Workers compile information, such as zip codes, demographics, and attractions, into Excel sheets on a regular basis.
  • In-park surveys assist marketing business analysts with determining guest satisfaction.
  • Employees must feel comfortable interacting with guests and administrating queries from questionnaires.
  • Miscellaneous administrative support may require workers to scan, transcribe, maintain supplies, and check inventory.
  • Hourly wages of $10.00 to $12.00 accompany positions for aspirants possessing organizational and planning skills.
  • Required attributes include collaborating with colleagues, computer software knowledge, and providing outstanding customer service, which increases the likelihood of career advancement.

Tips For Applying

Current vacancies feature on the website and other Merlin Entertainments job listing sites. The opportunity to browse through roles and read job descriptions allows candidates to accurately apply for relevant positions based on interests and qualifications. Online application forms request typical personal information about previous experience and education. While not required, submitting resumes improves likelihood of receiving call backs. Aspirants may make notable in-person appearances, which demonstrates strong intentions to work for Legoland. Seasonal positions normally fill the months before major events, while full-time positions operate year round.

Application Status

After applications reach human resources, qualified job seekers obtain phone calls or emails to schedule interviews. Hiring processes may take as little as one or two days or upwards of three weeks. Individuals without the necessary prerequisite skills receive rejection notices. Prospective workers should not become discouraged if not selected and should try again at later dates. Most correspondences occur through email, which allows contenders to request status updates in written format. Some potential employees may choose to arrive in-person to follow up on applications in order to demonstrate professionalism and upbeat demeanors.

Employment Benefits for Legoland

Depending on employment status, qualified associates receive top-notch rewards for putting forth hard work. Individuals working full-time hours obtain options:

  • Dental, vision, and medical insurance based on healthcare coverage needs.
  • Future necessities, such as life insurance and 401(k) retirement plans, also prove accessible to select staff members.
  • Part- and full-timers accrue paid time off, including vacations, sick days, and holidays.
  • Regardless of status, team members may utilize employee assistance programs and various discounts, not limited to free park admissions.
  • Miscellaneous rewards range from tuition reimbursement and profit sharing to disability insurance and travel accident job benefits.

Additional Information on Legoland

As a Merlin Entertainments attraction, Legoland participates in Merlin’s Magic Wand, which brings magic to the lives of seriously ill, disabled, or disadvantaged children. The program specializes in granting memories designed to last lifetimes. Developed to help children overcome conditions and circumstances which prevent days out, the program helps families by providing tickets and funding for travel. Relying on the generosity of fundraising and donations, adults may apply on behalf of children two to 18 years old. Occasionally, children and family members receive behind-the-scenes treatment, which guarantees an unforgettable adventure.


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