Legoland Interview Questions & Tips


Qualified job seekers gain access to the Legoland interview process after applying for available positions online and receiving notification of further evaluation by hiring managers. Acquisition managers sometimes conduct initial phone screenings to set up job interviews at the theme park. Other candidates first meet with hiring representatives in-person for preliminary one-on-one interviews held at the applicable Legoland park.

Initial Interview Questions

Whether the first interviews take place by phone or onsite, job seekers can expect to field very basic, prescreening questions, such as, "How comfortable are you with working part-time/seasonally?" and "Is the pay rate acceptable to you?" Candidates willing to accept the fundamental requirements of Legoland jobs typically advance to a group interview session.

The Group Interview

Often large, Legoland group interviews can feature as many as 30 or 40 applicants at a time. Interviewees take part in various collaborative activities under the supervision of hiring managers from each area of park operations including admissions, food service, and retail. Candidates are frequently divided into smaller groups and asked to act out specific roleplaying scenarios or use Lego blocks to assemble objects according to certain specifications. Interviewers regularly request that each applicant build something that represents his or her potential as an employee if hired. Job seekers then bring the finished creations to the final interview for discussion.

The Final Interview

Following the group interview, Legoland hiring managers meet with each candidate individually. In addition to showing and explaining their Lego creations from the group session, applicants must respond to typical interview questions like, "Why did you choose to apply here?" and "What are some of your greatest strengths and biggest weaknesses?"

Candidates Must Have Social Skills and Teamwork Experience

The final interview may also serve as a discussion of certain job requirements, such as dress code and salary. Job seekers should remain well-prepared and properly dressed for each interview in the Legoland hiring process. Hiring personnel look for prospective employees who value teamwork and thrive in social situations, especially in the group interview.


  • pp says:

    anybody out there who every interviewed for a food and beverage mgr position?
    any tips and tricks

  • Josh says:

    An attractions associate job pays $7.50/hr. I have got an interview for that position tomorrow.

  • emily whaley says:

    im going for retail associate at legoland…and i was wondering what i have to expect at the interview…and what i should bring or look like?

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