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Lenny’s Sub Shop Job Opportunities

The most widely accessible positions available at Lenny’s Sub Shop restaurants include entry-level team member jobs, also known by the title sandwich maker. Focusing on customer experiences, the sub chain encourages entry-level employees to go beyond expectations when preparing menu items, taking food and drink orders, and especially when engaging patrons. Workers must also adhere to the standards for food quality and freshness. Applicants must display the ability to perform essential job duties, interface with customers, and respond to management directives in fast, efficient, and friendly manners.

Employment requirements for potential managers predominantly reflect hiring qualifications for entry-level employees. Aside from differences in minimum age requirements and previous experience in a leadership role or similar industry, Lenny’s Sub Shop managers must generally possess high school diplomas. Specific qualities sought after in potential managers include motivation, sound organizational skills, and the desire to work hard. Managers may work part-time or full-time. Supervisors typically work varied, part-time shifts, while restaurant managers routinely receive full-time assignments.

Lenny’s Sub Shop Positions and Pay Scales

The prominent sub sandwich chain hires individuals as young as 16 into entry-level positions. Applicants looking for first-time jobs or simply to gain experience in the fast food industry before moving on to other work or school may take interest in available positions. The list below provides detailed information on job titles for hire:

Sandwich Maker – The job duties carried out by sandwich makers largely reflect the title of the position. Key responsibilities include preparing sub sandwiches to customer specifications and serving orders. Sandwich makers also share cash register duties with others in the same position. The job uses basic kitchen equipment, such as cutlery, ovens, grills, and assembly stations, to perform assigned tasks. Workers also operate computerized POS systems to complete transactions and issue receipts. Strong interpersonal skills and personable attitudes gain favoritism during the hiring process. A typical sandwich maker starts out at minimum wage in a part-time role. Associates may receive additional hours and pay with experience gained.

Management – The tiers of managerial opportunities range from shift leader positions up to store manager careers. Shift leader positions involve motivating employees and setting work schedules. Additional job duties include hiring and training new associates and ensuring customer satisfaction. Assistant managers and store managers look after employee and customer wellbeing as well as administrative responsibilities, such as payroll, inventory, ordering supplies, and tracking sales. Marketing also plays a part in assistant manager and store manager roles. Applicants must exude reliable, motivated, trustworthy, and patient personalities in order to assume positions in management. The often fast pace of the sub sandwich industry, and the fast food industry in general, requires managers to remain persistent but friendly with customers while exercising discretion and extreme professionalism at all times. Shift leader hopefuls who receive employment offers generally start out at $8.00 an hour. Assistant managers earn between $25,000 and $30,000 in annual salary, while the average store managers makes upwards of $40,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Candidates find easy-to-access online versions of the Lenny’s Sub Shop application, with data fields for contact information, positions desired, availability, and employment histories. The brief document takes only a handful of minutes to complete and requires even less time if sufficiently prepared prior to taking on the task. Ready specific hours available each day, information for at least two recent employers, and research positions desired to list the exact job titles on the document. The ability to organize and manage time wisely when filling out applications often translates into marketable skills in the workforce.

Application Status

The average Lenny’s Sub Shop job hopeful encounters hiring protocol lasting a little over a week. However, entry-level candidates generally pass through the formal procedures in as little as a couple of days. Employee referrals may expedite the process even further. In order to check on applications after submission, workers should call or visit managers in person, onsite, at desired locations. The visits and/or phone calls offer excellent opportunities to ask about the next stages in the hiring process as well as any additional questions applicants may hold regarding employment.

Benefits of Working at Lenny’s Sub Shop

In addition to paid training offered to new-hire workers and tenured team members, Lenny’s Sub Shop provides continued career development for individuals aspiring to reach the company corporate offices. The ongoing training programs available to eligible and motivated candidates represent a fraction of the employment benefits associates may receive. Depending on the position, employees may also take advantage of health insurance plans, life insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid vacation. Meal discounts also stand readily accessible at most locations, although franchising may affect specific job benefits available.

More Information on Lenny’s Sub Shop

While operating under the distinction of fast food chain, Lenny’s Sub Shop creates sit-down restaurant experiences for patrons dining in. Customers enjoy the speedy service of fast food with the relaxed atmospheres of traditional restaurants. Staff clean and clear tables for customers after finishing meals. The sub sandwich chain also offers catering and party services, much like many other traditional restaurants. Guests may rent out sections of each location or order from the catering menu to take home food for large groups of people. Customers may also place orders online.

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