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LensCrafters claims over 30 years of experience delivering high-quality custom glasses, with on-site labs capable of crafting a pair of lenses in just one hour. The eye care provider hires retail professionals, opticians, and lab technicians to work in over 5,000 store locations throughout the United States.

Facts About Working at LensCrafters

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at LensCrafters?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Optical Associate, In-Store Sales Specialist, Loss Prevention Advisor, Technician, Eyewear Consultant, Lab/Lead Technician, Optician/Apprentice Optician, Sales Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Retail Store Manager, Lab Manager, Contact Lens Technician, Luxury Sales Specialist, HR Coordinator, General Manager, Quality Eyewear Technician, Retail Market Coordinator, Finance Director, National Account Manager, Training Coordinator

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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LensCrafters Job Opportunities

What Kind of Jobs are Available?
Passion for vision and eye care drives employees to deliver industry-leading service and quality. The company hires diverse individuals to fill both entry-level and career-oriented roles.

Expertly trained sales associates provide personalized eye-care solutions and help match the best-looking frames to the different face types of customers.

Lab technicians operate high-tech equipment to craft lenses efficiently without sacrificing precision.

Affiliated doctors of optometry perform vision exams and prescribe appropriate correctional lenses.

Most locations also staff managers, who look after sales and customer service related goals and implement marketing, hiring, and training programs. Interacting with customers requires associates to present professional, polite attitudes. Previous experiences working in retail, customer service, or healthcare may prepare prospective workers for full-time or part-time jobs at LensCrafters.

LensCrafters Positions and Salary Details

Caring for eyes and vision health requires teams of committed, skillful employees with diverse backgrounds. Job seekers looking to begin careers with LensCrafters or simply hoping to find lucrative part-time work may apply for jobs as eyewear consultants, lab technicians, or apprentice opticians.

Eyewear Consultant

Apprentice Optician

  • The role of apprentice optician starts employees on fulfilling career paths in the eye care industry.
  • Associates work closely under the supervision of lead opticians to learn the skills necessary for success.
  • Duties include addressing the needs of customers while cultivating positive personal interactions, educating customers about eyewear care, performing adjustments and corrections, taking and recording detailed measurements, demonstrating knowledge of product catalog, and assisting the lead opticians and eyewear consultants with additional tasks as appropriate.
  • Apprentice opticians typically earn pay rates upwards of $13.00 an hour.
  • Under the tutelage of experienced opticians, workers develop knowledge of current optical theories and practices in preparation for ABO certifications, LensCrafters Inspector certifications, undertaking quality fitting and adjusting programs.
  • Applicants for the position must hold high school diplomas or equivalent.
  • Prior sales or retail experience lends preference.

Learn how to become an optician.

  • Picking out a new pair of glasses proves as much a fashion choice as vision necessity.
  • Eyewear consultants guide customers through the process of determining which styles of glasses fit best.
  • Employees typically perform such duties as greeting customers, assisting customers through the shopping experience, reviewing prescriptions, consulting with opticians regarding special customer needs, accurately and thoroughly attending to customer desires, and answering customer questions with a complete knowledge of lenses, frames, and eye care solutions.
  • Hourly wages of $10.00 to $11.00 represent standard earnings.
  • Individuals interested in the position must possess strong communication skills, basic math skills, and familiarity with point-of-sales systems, computers, and calculators.
  • Additionally, candidates must hold high school diplomas and possess the ability to stand for long periods of time.

Lab Technician

  • Lab technicians stand responsible for crafting high-quality lenses in an hour.
  • Associates must hold craftsmanship to high standards with no room for error.
  • To efficiently and accurately produce prescription lenses, workers use precise machinery and follow strict procedures involving refining and polishing lenses, applying protective coatings, testing, and fitting lenses to desired frames.
  • Lab technicians stand responsible for operating and maintaining machinery, keeping up-to-date knowledge on products, policies, and procedures, accurate multitasking, and complying with workplace safety regulations.
  • High school diplomas stand required as well as optical training, experience with heavy machinery, basic math skills, organizational abilities, and attention to detail.
  • Workers generally earn salary packages around $13.00 an hour.

Career advancement opportunities remain obtainable for promising individuals. In addition to jobs like eyewear consultant, production tech, store manager, sales supervisor, and optometric technician, the corporate headquarters employs over 1,000 people in finance, legal, marketing, human resources, and information technology careers.

Tips For Applying

Qualified candidates find jobs at LensCrafters by making in-person visits to store locations or by submitting resumes to apply online through third-party websites. Applicants who choose to visit stores in person should dress well and project professional, friendly attitudes. Ask to speak to a manager about desired positions and act respectfully in the presence of other customers. Online applicants must fill out profiles with third-party websites in order to stay in contact with recruiters and submit resumes and application forms. Certain positions require candidates to undergo background checks before the interview process begins.

Application Status

Eligible applicants typically receive responses from the company within a few days of submitting resumes. The longest period of waiting involves the processes surrounding required background checks, which must finalize before interviews proceed. Following up after submitting application forms or attending interviews to check application statuses through phone calls proves a viable option, as well.

Benefits of Working at LensCrafters

Eligible associates receive access to employee benefits packages. Workers enjoy flexible scheduling, discounts on prescription eyewear, and friendly employment atmospheres with plenty of career advancement opportunities. Full-time associates receive medical, dental, and life insurance plans in addition to healthcare coverage, such as short- and long-term disability plans and dependent care assistance. Further job benefits afforded to eligible full-time employees include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Tuition assistance
  • Paid time off
  • Paid vacation
  • Adoption assistance, and
  • Domestic partner benefits.

More Facts about LensCrafters

LensCrafters heads a charitable initiative called Onesight which provides eye exams, vision care, and customized prescription glasses to underprivileged people in more than 40 countries around the world. Over the past 25 years, thousands of workers donated time and effort toward bringing the gift of sight to millions of people. The organization also sets up vision care centers to provide ongoing eye care to impoverished areas such as The Gambia, rural China and Cincinnati, OH.


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