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With showrooms located across the country, Lexus makes finding opportunities for work with a premium brand in the car dealership industry easy and accessible. The reputable automaker offers both entry-level jobs and career-oriented positions in sales and service.

Facts About Working at Lexus

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Lexus?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Car Detailer, Car Wash Attendant, Automotive Service Technician, Automotive Sales Manager, Automotive Comptroller, Internet Auto Sales Associate, Porter/Valet, Lexus Service Advisor/Consultant, Automotive Technician, Parts and Service Counter Attendant, Finance Manager, Sales Consultant, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Receptionist, Body Shop Manager, Phone Operator, New Car Salesman, Service Manager, Mechanic, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Lexus Dealership Job Opportunities

Lexus dealership jobs primarily involve selling or working on cars and providing excellent service to customers. The auto retailer needs to hire new employees to maintain the right combination of entry-level associates and experienced dealership workers at each location. Job seekers must comply with a minimum hiring age of 18 to qualify for employment. In addition to verifying the ages of prospective employees, dealerships use the application and hiring processes to check for evidence of customer service skills and other position-specific attributes.

Generally, Lexus dealers hire entry-level applicants for customer service and support positions involving job duties like scheduling appointments, assisting prospective buyers, and cleaning vehicles. Car dealership jobs also include professional careers in areas such as sales, financial services, and management. Professional dealership workers take responsibility for tasks like meeting sales quotas, overseeing vehicle maintenance procedures, and coordinating daily showroom operations. The added responsibilities typically come with salary increases and access to employment benefits.

Lexus Positions and Salary Information

Ideal for people with strong work ethics and the same commitments to excellence as the luxury automaker, Lexus jobs offer competitive pay rates, schedule flexibility, and potential advancement opportunities for highly qualified and motivated associates. Dealership employees work in polished and professional environments, whether in the showroom or the garage. The list below provides details about some of the more popular and accessible entry-level positions:


  • An integral part of the dealership experience, each valet greets arriving customers and acts as an usher to lobby waiting areas.
  • The job also involves driving customer vehicles from the drop-off area to the onsite garage for service.
  • Valets then bring the vehicles back for customers to pick up after the conclusion of the necessary repairs and/or maintenance.
  • Keeping track of scheduled service appointments serves as a key component of valet jobs.
  • Applicants need to possess valid driver’s licenses and the ability to operate vehicles with manual transmissions.
  • Lexus valet jobs usually pay about $10.00 or $11.00 an hour.


  • Dealership receptionists provide support by answering the phone, fielding questions from current and potential customers, and scheduling appointments for service.
  • Job duties often include light housekeeping and general clerical assistance, as well.
  • The customer-facing nature of the position requires receptionists to bring professional appearances and exceptional people skills to the job.
  • Average hourly pay rates for the entry-level opportunity typically hover around $10.00.

Service Technician

  • Service technicians work in the onsite garages and shops of Lexus dealerships.
  • The major responsibilities of the job range from performing routine repairs and maintenance on customer vehicles to keeping work areas clean and safe.
  • Job seekers with prior knowledge of automotive systems and affinities for manual dexterity generally make the best service technicians.
  • The labor-intensive position frequently involves the use of mechanical tools and special equipment, and dealerships often prefer to hire service technicians who already hold official credentials.
  • An hourly wage of $12.00 serves as the typical rate of pay for entry-level service technician workers. Salary options rise with experience.

Tips For Applying

While the official website for Lexus career opportunities features listings for dealer financial services and support positions, most dealerships advertise job openings independently and hire as needed. The application process usually takes place either online at the website of the local dealership or in person if the employer does not accept electronic submissions. Regardless of personal preference, job seekers should always follow the specific requirements of the dealership when applying for employment. Dress up to look polished and professional if applying in person, as dealership hiring managers may want to meet right away.

Application Status

When following up on a job application, complying with the specified wishes of each dealership remains the best way to make a positive impression. If the dealership specifically tells job seekers not to call or stop by after applying, then follow-up contact proves unnecessary. In other cases, following up once after giving hiring personnel adequate time to evaluate submitted applications may work to the advantage of potential employees as long as the conversation focuses on the relevant skills and character traits the applicant offers.

Benefits of Working at Lexus

Lexus dealership associates enjoy the employment benefits of flexible work schedules, competitive pay for the industry, and paid training. Eligible workers receive additional job benefits, which often include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Healthcare coverage, life insurance, and
  • Extra perks such as paid vacation time and opportunities for internal promotions.

Specific work benefits vary by dealership.

Additional Information on Lexus

Being a Lexus car owner comes with special perks and rewards. Owner benefits include exclusive offers on concert tickets and shows, access to private lounges, and complimentary valet parking at a range of entertainment venues across the country. Vehicle owners may also take advantage of the partnerships the automaker maintains with various hotels and resorts, restaurants, wineries, retailers, and sports teams.

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