Lexus Dealership Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Process Begins With Assessments

Though varying according to location, the Lexus interview process often commences with online assessments or other forms of evaluation, which allows hiring managers to determine areas of work best suited for each employee.

Social Skills and Customer Service Experience are Important

Applicants with previous sales or automotive experience and the desired blend of customer service abilities and interpersonal skills typically advance to the initial round of Lexus job interviews, which often occurs by phone.

Phone Interview Questions

Lexus hiring managers generally use initial phone interviews to gauge the basic qualifications and interest levels of candidates. "Why are you interested in sales/mechanical work/dealership management?" epitomizes the nature of interview questions asked during introductory phone screenings.

In-person Interviews

After successfully interviewing with hiring personnel by phone, applicants move forward in the Lexus interview process and meet with dealership management in-person. Potential employees typically interview individually with hiring managers or panels of hiring representatives.

Car Industry Interview Questions

Interviewers often guage candidate familiarity with the brand and other makes of vehicles by asking questions like, "If you were a Lexus car, which model would you be?" and "Other than our company, which car brand would you most likely recommend?" Prospective sales associates must typically give demonstrations of selling skills, as well.

Behavioral Questions

The bulk of Lexus job interviews ordinarily includes behavioral questions about past experiences, such as, "Tell me about the most stressful time at your last job," in addition to queries specific to the sought after position. Additionally, potential technicians regularly field technical questions about vehicles and cars in general.

Demonstrate Past Customer Service Experience

Luxury car dealerships like Lexus hire applicants with courteous attitudes and excellent customer service skills. During the interview process, make sure to highlight any previous experience in retail or the automotive industry and bring up specific examples of identifying customer needs and exceeding expectations. Strong, personable, and energetic personalities typically fare best during interviews.

Thoroughly Research Each Aspect of the Company

Interviewees should also conduct prior research on Lexus, including car lines, company culture and history, and the scope of the position desired. Try to complement relevant experience from previous jobs with exceptional knowledge of the brand.

How to Get a Job at Lexus

Arrive early to job interviews and expect to answer questions for about 20 or 30 minutes. Most jobs available with the luxury car dealer require completion of one or two onsite interviews. Conclude each interview with gratitude and a handshake, and follow up a few days later to further demonstrate genuine desire to work at Lexus car dealerships.


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