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Life Time Fitness centers operate in the United States and Canada. Many facilities operate 24 hours a day and feature personal fitness instruction, salons, food courts, and childcare centers. Versatility drives ongoing needs to hire help across the continent in both part-time and full-time capacities.

Facts About Working at Life Time Fitness

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Life Time Fitness?)

Available Positions: Lifeguard, Aquatics Group Fitness Instructor, Swim Instructor, Swim Team Coach, Slide Attendant, Aquatics Assistant Department Head, Aquatics Department Head, Aquatics Supervisor, Child Center Team Member, LifeClinic Exercise Specialist, LifeClinic Chiropractic, LifeClinic Chiropractic Coordinator, Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Instructor, Fitness Manager, Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Advisor, Hospitality Team Member, LifeCafe Prep Cook, Housekeeper, Front Desk Team Member

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Life Time Fitness Employment Opportunities

Since 1992, the company mission centers on entertaining, educating, and innovating in the fields of health and fitness. Helping members achieve health and fitness goals, Life Time Fitness operates over 110 recreational centers across North America. Each center features active workers who obtain specialization in designated job areas. However, cross-training and certification in other physical and health activities allows room for growth. The company increases the personal and professional value of every employee by inspiring healthy living. Most jobs exist in a gym-floor or help desk setting. Employment hunters seeking fulfilling careers may readily find part-time or full-time opportunities.

Life Time Fitness clubs function around customer service and interactive workouts to meet the complete needs of families. In addition to traditional gym amenities, most centers offer indoor and outdoor swimming pools, basketball and racquet courts, personal training, group fitness, cafes, and spas. The large and inclusive establishments require large entry-level staffs to maintain operations. Workers may find employment as front desk associates, lifeguards, maintenance crew, retail team members, sanitation employees, fitness instructors, or club managers. Applicants typically need no formal experience or related backgrounds to gain employment in entry-level customer service roles. Jobs involving direct contact with guests or site maintenance often require some relevant skillsets.

Life Time Fitness Job Outlook and Salary Information

Employees must hold active and up-to-date CPR and First Aid certifications to remain on staff. Individuals already certified in the necessary areas may receive preference for available jobs. Courtesy, service, hospitality, sensitivity, and professionalism also prove valuable attributes. Applicants possessing high school diplomas or general education equivalents may apply online for any of the following positions:


  • Aquatics team members collectively take responsibility for maintaining fun, safe, and clean pool areas.
  • Lifeguards monitor activities and provide assistance in swimming areas to prevent accidents and to ensure the overall safety of guests.
  • In serious situations, aquatics teams must rescue swimmers in danger of drowning or administer First Aid, AED, or CPR services as necessary.
  • Monthly and quarterly in-service training helps aquatics teams answer questions regarding pool facilities, club programs, and company policies.
  • Lifeguards typically earn hourly pay between $8.00 and $11.00.

Member Services

  • Main duties include the direction, coordination, and supervision of fitness floors.
  • Facility operations birth a variety of challenges each day, as team members provide positive customer experiences.
  • Tasks include housekeeping, equipment demonstration, and assisting visitors with miscellaneous requests.
  • Fitness floor members build relationships with customers by providing high-quality services.
  • Other duties include visitor welcoming patrons, account maintenance, and retaining extensive knowledge of products and services.
  • Sought-after abilities include cash handling and customer service experience.
  • Member services employees make between $7.00 to $11.00 per hour, on average.

Fitness Instructor

  • Fitness instructors provide cutting-edge group fitness education through a variety of entertaining and interactive classes.
  • Group activities and individual sessions alike promote fitness and positive self-esteem in safe environments.
  • Instructors act as fitness resources for class participants and maintain strong relationships to encourage continued attendance.
  • Trainers also promote Life Time Fitness programs, products, and services.
  • Fitness instructor jobs usually require personal trainer certifications or other equivalent credentials.
  • Salary options break down to hourly wages falling between $17.00 and $31.00, depending on caseload and experience.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should prepare by learning the company vision and mission statement before submitting hiring forms. Candidates should readily identify steps needed to stay proactive in daily life, as Life Time Fitness encourages healthy lifestyles. Professional experience in the industry may make up for any lack in health and fitness acumen. However, if lacking customer service experience, hopefuls may consider referencing non-professional involvements on application forms or resumes, such as volunteer opportunities or internships.

Application Status

The period between submitting an application and receiving an interview may extend anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on immediate hiring needs. Applicants may consider visiting individual fitness centers or calling hiring managers to inquire about application statuses. If managers establish no contact, individuals may later apply for multiple positions to demonstrate additional desires for work. Submitting new applications may reveal qualifications better suited for different positions.

Benefits of Working for Life Time Fitness

In addition to providing customers with healthier lifestyles and positive outlooks, Life Time Fitness offers employees job benefit packages. Health and wellness initiatives along with free gym memberships ease associates into pleasant work/life balances. Other employment benefits include:

  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid vacation, and
  • Paid time off as well as healthcare coverage and 401(k) retirement plans

Extra Information on Life Time Fitness

The mission to improve childhood nutrition through school partnerships remains a high corporate priority for the health club. The Life Time Foundation provides school cooks and administrators with the tools to transition into serving healthier lunches. Financial support offsets school budget gaps and teaches sustainable practices to school officials. 100 percent of donations go toward replacing bleached flour, artificial sweeteners, trans-fats, and food coloring, as well as preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones, with natural, organic, and whole foods.

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